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5415 finished ... and a little sweetness.

Mother(in-law)-lode of goodness.

grandma's quilt

When my husband and I got back from our Arizona trip last month, I noticed a big handled brown bag by the stairs.  I asked what it was, and he said something like, oh, mom said she brought this up for you since she knows how much you like this stuff. 

This quilt was peeking out of the top.  I remembered seeing it at her house before, draped over a 'pirate' chest they use for games.  I did remember liking it.  That's sweet of her, I thought.  I do like this stuff.

Overwhelmed and tired from our trip, I put the bag in my sewing room for later.  I needed sleep.  It was 1 am and we'd just gotten home from the airport.  

something to aspire to, I suppose.

It was days before I went back into my sewing room.  Somehow, a bunch of ironing got put on top of the bag.  And I kind of forgot about it.  (I know, I know!  Shame on me.)   But I knew as soon as I pulled it out there would be this big photo session, and honestly, I didn't have time yet.

And I didn't want it taunting me while I was. just. trying. to just get caught up with my daily routine.


So last week, I pulled it out.  Man alive, is it beautiful. Really, words just fail me.  I promptly placed it at the foot of our bed.  This may not be its final spot in the house, but I'm not done looking at all the awesome swatches yet. 

family heirloom quilt

Oh, I almost forgot.  There was a bunch of other stuff under the quilt.  In the bag.  And it all blew my mind.  Just you wait. 

My mother in law has a lot of explaining to do.  I don't have all the answers to all my questions about it, yet, but I'll share them when I do. 



How sweet! It is beautiful. It looks great in your room!


it's beautiful. Did she make it?


oh my, that is gorgeous.


Man alive! :-)


Oh my goodness!

My MIL gives me post it notes! LOL


I am viewing your blog with a group of grandmothers. They were interested in the pillowcase sundress pattern. They commented on the beautiful quilt and one said,"and that is made from old feed sacks, that is really old!" So you have a real treasure there! Enjoy.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Massive quilt envy going on over here...!


NICE! I wish my MIL had secrets like that. :)


Gorgeous quilt! I can't wait to see what else was in the sack.


Wow, that is beautiful!

Jen b

A sweet MIL that gives you beautiful gifts. you scored big girl!


Stunning! Two thumbs up to the MIL!


What a gorgeous quilt! How blessed you are to have such a sweet mom in law!


What a stunning piece of family history. I would not be able to tear myself away from gazing at all those lovely snipets of fabric. I'll bet every one has a story.


Awesome quilt - what a sweet MIL you have!!


Breath taking!!!! She must really like you. :)


Breath taking!!!! She must really like you. :)

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