Why is it
It smells so good in my house...

I love Kansas City.

Last Thursday I took my eldest out of school early for a mother-daughter day at the plaza for lunch and a matinee.  I had surprised her with Wicked tickets for her birthday last month.  (I saw it on Broadway a couple years back with the original cast {WOW}.  Really couldn't wait to see it again.)

So we started the day off at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza for lunch. (Chinese Chicken Salad, YUM)



How I love the Plaza. It was the nation's first suburban shopping district.  And it's just gorgeous.  It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things about Kansas City.  At Christmas there are millions of lights tracing every nook and cranny of the spectacular architecture.  Like out of a fairy tale.  Not bad for a town that most people associate with corn fields, tornados and ruby slippers. 


Oh yes, the ruby slippers.  How was Wicked?  Magical.  :)  The music always gets me.  When the Glinda and Elpheba sing 'Because I Knew You' at the end, I cry.  It's really that good. 

I snuck the photo of the theatre and got scolded.  But I got it.  Ha.


It's a dark story, but the musical adaptation is much lighter than the book.  Laced with political and social allegory, Wicked is a sharp commentary that most children won't understand, but the musical numbers are nonstop and delightful.  My daughter is 12 and we talked a bit about it afterward.  I don't know how much of 'it' she 'got', but she definitely 'got' some parts. When we saw it in New York, my husband really didn't expect to enjoy a musical.  And he was blown away by the show.  I could go on and on about the brilliant writing... lines so carefully and artfully crafted... Ack.  Love it.  So yes, see it if you can!

(FWIW: The tour's Glinda, Katie Rose Clarke, is totally different than Kristen Chenoweth's Broadway character.  This one is more like a cross between SNL's Mary Katherine Gallagher skit played by Amy Poehler.  Strange.  Funny, but strange.  KC wasn't nearly as spastic.  If you're curious about the characters, there is an interesting video on the official website.  Choose 'characters' -- the interviews are not from the touring group, but you definitely get a feel for who the characters are.)

Also, I got my Vintage Apron Swap package from Julie yesterday.  Sweet Cracker Sandwiches!  That girl knows how to make a girl feel special.  Photos forthcoming.  Fidget wanted to wear my new-to-me pretty PINK (geez, hon, how'd ya know?) vintage apron as a dress last night.  So it was tricky to get a decent shot. 

Happy Thursday!  :)



What a fantastic outing - one I am sure she will never forget. That special mother/daughter time is to be treasured, eh?


What a wonderful day and what a lucky girl!


Sounds like the PERFECT mommy-daughter date.


oh, i so want to see that! and see the cure, they're here monday. you think i get to go, hells no. ack. ack. ack. ack.

in anycase, i'm super-glad you all go to go!


It sounds wonderful! It reminds me of the Mystery Trips my grandma use to take me on. They always seemed to involve a show; The King and I, Annie, Oklahoma...


girl days are fun aren't they? My sister and I are taking Molly out next week for some girl (belated b-day) fun.

Lyda Loehring

Thanks for the Plaza pics. I miss that place alot.....KC has to be the neatest place to live. I lived there for 20 years.
Sounds like quality time to me......

Jen b

what a fun girlie day. i just saw wicked in february. it was amazing.

Wendy Bean

Love the Chinese Chicken Salad too. That is my favrite everytime I go there. Yum! Good taste!

Glad you had a Mother/Daughter day. Those are fun even with my 5 year old!

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