Thursday: Chocolate
Friday: Super Score.

Here's the deal.

I bought something yesterday at a thrift store.  A big something.  And I'm coordinating the uhaul and store right now to pick it up.  It's awesome and a super buy and I am pretty sure it's going to fit in my house and I will love it forever and use it everyday and someday my kiddos will fight over 'who gets it' when I'm gone.

The uhaul guy said he had plenty of trucks.  The guy at the store said he had plenty of helpers so we could get it loaded. 

Why, then, am I all freakishly nervous right now??


DEAR TYPEPAD: This new compose interface (esp the typing part) is driving me crazy.  The backspace button is a full half-second behind my keystroke and I cannot tell you how annoying it is. Because I start thinking the first delete didn't work, so I delete again, and now I have gone too far and have to type the whole thing over.  I hate it.  Also, I like to shift-arrow to highlight things, but that is slow, too.  And highlighting with the mouse.  Just stop it please.  I used to really love you and now I'm angry on top of being nervous about getting the uhaul.

thanks so much.  xo

***update***  I'm back.  I'm pretty sure nothing was broken in transport.  And can I say how badly I wanted to wash my hands after being inside that truck?  Oh, me driving that truck.  That's a whole post in itself.  But now it's in the driveway, awaiting hubs and a friend to unload later this evening.  Ack.  I can hardly wait. 

And I still hate the new typepad 'compose' interface.  Hate it.


Jen b

ooohhh can't wait to see what you got. now i am nervous.

I am so with you on the new compose interface, i hate it!!!!


Ooo, now I'm curious!
You people are scaring me about the typepad interface. It hasn't rolled out to my account yet...


Oohh fun. Can't wait to see what it is!


this is just a tease! I am dying to know what you got!

Alicia A.

what is it what is it what is it what is it...


I think everyone is hating on typepad right now.

And you cant just leave us hanging like that!

Kristi B.

I've enjoyed your blog...I stumbled upon it looking for playroom decorating ideas...your room is adorable! I was trying to find where I could add your site to my feed reader (I use Google)... is there a place for this? I'm new to readers and can't find the icon on your blog. Thanks!


A pie safe? An armoire?????? What could be so big and wonderful and heavy??????????

(What a brave woman to drive a U-haul. You deserve chocolate or something.)


You realize that I hate you now... don't leave me hanging!!!!


now i'm dying of curiosity!


OOooh! I love a good surprise. I can't wait to see what it is. Do we get to see a picture of you driving the uhaul? LOL. ;o)


All I want to know is where are you going to put it? Or what are you going to get rid of? I can't wait to see!

Joanne Heim

I am just so happy to see that someone else is made at Typepad. All my code is gone--it's on the page, but I can't find it to edit it anywhere. And putting in pictures? Why is it so difficult? I tell it NOT to wrap text and it's wrapping like crazy. AHHHHH!

Joanne Heim

Look I'm so MAD I can't spell anymore!


i haven't gotten the new interface yet - guess it'll be coming later. all i hear is bad. i am so not looking forward to it.

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