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Practical Matters.

Friday: Super Score.

Wednesday morning I had to kill an hour downtown before I got my hair done.  What a gift, an extra hour.  Don't you love it when that happens???  The farmers' market was open, and I picked up a couple tomatoes and a little bag of cinnamon almonds.  Delish.  Oh my.

And then I popped into my favorite thrift store, knowing fully well that I could spend 30 minutes there, no problem.  I picked up some milk glass vases to give a friend, 50 cents each. Found two train/toiletry cases in near perfect condition, one green, one blue, $3.50 each.  Even found a set of nine butter yellow printed cotton placemats (martha?) for $1.50... A very good day, in my opinion.

I have been to this store enough to be familiar with what is in stock.  After all, this is where I found my beloved settee.

The first time I saw our newest addition was about 5 months ago.  Stuck way in the back, behind a myriad of framed postersand discarded tv trays.  The lines were classic and the glass, in perfect condition.  Huge.  Six feet wide and 8 feet tall.  Cupboards and drawers and storage galore.  And, unfortunately, $600.  A wee bit out of my thrifting budget.

China-cab-archAnd what I was going to do with a ginormous 1959 Thomasville china cabinet?   It's not something you can just take home and move around from room to room until you find the perfect spot.  So I was ok with letting It go.

Until Wednesday.

All the furniture in that Most Excellent Thrift Store was 50% off.  And they had already reduced the price on my old friend to $300.

People.  How could I say no to $150 for this:


Truth be told, I did pass it up and went and got my hair done.  My stylist (and good friend) insisted that I check with hubs to see what he thought.  Should I get it?  More importantly, HOW would I get it home?  Where would I put it?  Am I crazy?? (Don't answer that last one, please!)

China-cab-knob And, because he is awesome and knows that I have a way of falling in love with furniture the way he does with golf clubs, he said go for it.  So I sat there at the salon and made it all happen... the uhaul truck (which was not your traditional uhaul-with-a-granny's-attic, but some funky diesel Mitsubishi with one of those steering wheels that is parallel to the ground and a back door that was flaking and peeling and looked like it was going to fall off any minute)... the help (thank goodness for neighbors and friends)... and the purchase (well, that part was easy.)   

And then I spent the next 24 hours freaking out whether or not we could even get this thing around all the corners and through all the doors and actually into my bedroom.  We did, and even though those boys shook their heads (she's putting a china cabinet where?), they had to admit It was pretty darned cool.  Big, but cool.

So It's in my bedroom.  The final blank wall in my home.  I can't wait to fill It up with sweaters and shoes and purses and whatnot.  We don't have much in the way of closet space, so this is a practical addition, really.  ;) That is what I tell myself.

It is quite possibly the most well made piece in our whole house.  Some of the drawers are even lined with that velvety flocking made for silverware... it was totally worth the wait.

(Sorry I had to tease you yesterday.  Forgive me?)



She's beautiful. Just divine!


I love it, you lucky thrifty girl!!!


Amazingly Awesome Find! You have crazy good luck with furniture!


That was a tease worth waiting for Chris! that is a piece you will always find a use for! (and my mother had a china cabinet in a guest room for looked gorgeous!)


Beautiful! I didn't mind the tease/surprise at all.


Wow! I don't know what else to say, but "wow!"

Alicia A.

Wow! What a great deal! And such a good idea putting it in your room. You smarty-pants!

Have a great long weekend, sweets.


dude. that so rocks.


Ack! Ack! Ack! Ack!
(Jealous, jealous jealous, jealous!)
And I hate the new typepad too. Darn it.


Well, honestly it's just gorgeous and how could you be expected to keep passing it by? It seems like destiny if you ask me. Love that settee too. The clean lines of that slipcover are just what I am looking to do for a chair I'm getting ready to have a slip made for. Can I ask you what kind of material you used? I've only got another week or 2 to make this decision so I am of course obsessing over it.

Love your blog. So glad I discovered you via Jane's Apron! Jen


it was just meant to be! it's beautiful.

Aunt Fashionista

Are you kidding me with that??? Seriously!! That is GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to see it in person!


Wow! What a fun story!! And an incredible price for such a great (and large) piece of furniture!!


Oh my goodness. It is amazing! I want one...


That is a beautiful piece of furniture. I LOVE that you put it in your bedroom (I recently bought a big china cabinet and put in my living room...and there's a bedroom dresser in my dining room...and so on).

charlotte lyons

just stopped by via Jane's Apron and Julie's rec....yes, it's lovely here and the new piece you found looks like a fine fit. happy weekend playing with "the fill".


oh you have gotta be kidding me! that is so amazing cool! i am ever so jealous!


Just like I said about Scott in grade 7: GORGEOUS!


i'll bet you got that baby full by now? Good buy!


I think you have earned the title of Thrift Queen! The settee could have been a fluke but now this beauty... WOW!!! I bow to the master!


Fabulous! It is a great way to liven up your blank wall!

Jen b

there it is in all it's bigness (is that a word?)glory. great find friend! looks just lovely in your home.

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