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I'm spinning today.  Between things that have to get done, and things I want to do.  Spring finally arriving and the plans that are inspired by seasonal changes (pansies!  mulch!  shaving my legs!)   Between a stove that needs to be broken in and a birthday bash for a 12 year old tomorrow night that still needs some loose ends tied up.  A slipcover.  A basement entertainment area that seems like it will never be finished.  Work that pays the bills.  Closets that need cleaning.  Catching up on correspondence.  Washing my hair. 

And then this morning I was flipping through flickr (see how good I am at procrastinating?) and saw Molly's photos.  Of her new old house. And then jumped over to her blog.  And, well.  That's some good reading.  So go pour yourself another cup and go read her post.  She's a lucky gal to be making such a move.  And we, dear friends, are lucky she sat down to tell us all about it.  Make sure you click the link on her sidebar, to read the long version.  You'll see. 

And thank you, Molly, for sharing so much of this special adventure with us.  xoxo

I'm going to try and right myself and walk a straight line to the weekend.  ;)




It is good, in the middle of all the business, to sit and sigh.
Have a good day, my friend!


Oh, is this the non-flame-throwing party? :-) Have fun.


Okay, wow. Thank you so much. Have I never visited your blog before? You take absolutely beautiful pictures. seriously.

thanks for your kind words. i'll be back...

Jen b

i am a really good procrastinator too! if it wasn't for you posting this i'd have to stop procrastinating. :) your pics are beautiful.

Jennifer Rosson

Oh goodness, have a fun weekend!! And good luck getting it all done if you find the secret to that... Please let us know
Happy Birthday 12 year old :)


i agree with you: we are so lucky molly shared her story. isn't is exciting?

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