The playroom...
Lasting impression


Thank you for all the playroom love!  It's been so much fun putting it together.  The girls *do* love it, and it is a wonderful place to play when the weather outside really isn't cooperating.  It will be especially nice later this summer when the afternoons are dangerously hot and the basement is super cool...

Thank you, also, for reeling me in after I almost took the plunge with pink dye and turned my settee into some cotton candy disaster!  I agree, the white twill is a better option for now.

slowly but surely

There is always time to mix up the pillows or make another slipcover later in a fun color.  I was wrapped up in a moment, inspired by a photograph, and clearly deluded into thinking my space was some funky, artist's city loft that could handle a bright pink couch.  Er, well, it isn't.  And, and as at least one of you pointed out, I can bleach a white slipcover.  That is an immeasurable selling point, in my opinion.

buds on my cherry tree
(buds on my cherry tree!  woohoo!)

In completely unrelated news, we were at urgent care again this weekend for Fidget and her coughing.  Ready for another chorus of "well, this is just how your kid is", I was completely surprised when the doctor said, "you know, I don't think she has asthma."   

*blink* *blink*

This particular doc thinks Miss Fidge might be suffering from acid reflux.  Which would explain the nighttime coughing.  And the trouble sleeping.  Why the asthma meds don't work.  And a couple other things.  So we are 36hrs or so into a trial run of a doubled dose of prevacid.  I seriously hope this works.  She has been up 2x a night for the last week.  Poor thing needs some sleep!

I am also eagerly anticipating a custom ordered diptych of these images from The Noticing Project that I purchased through their etsy shop.  I love the repeated color, one so shiny and smooth and the other, spiky.  It's just cool. 



um, yeah 'that's just how your kid is' is just not an acceptable answer.

hoping this new idea works for her!


Look at you and your progress. I would still be standing there staring at it, if it were me.

I hope they find out what's wrong with her. Acid reflux sounds like a much easier solution than asthma. I know it's a pain (having suffered it with pregnancies) but it sounds less compliated and dangerous.


Progress on all counts. And I loved that noticing project set too. I have this one: hanging in my office - hand delivered by Heather. Love it.


Boy, you sure are jumping in there! This is probably a silly comment, but I like your pins :)
Did you order your twill online? If so, do you mind sharing? I need some for my dining room. Yeah, silly me is using white twill in an area where my kids eat!


Oh man. Jack had really, really severe reflux for a long time. And for whatever reason, it is really hard to find a doctor who can sort out what is reflux and what isn't. Coughing while lying down is one of the big clues.

Give the meds awhile to work. It used to take up to a week when he was a baby.

(And oddly enough, I know more than one pregnant woman who was told she had asthma, myself included, only to find out it was something totally different, including acid reflux.)


Thank you so much for that post!!! My daughter suffered from acid reflux as an infant and had horrible colic until they put her on zantac. When she turned one they took her off the medication since she is "upright" most of the time. BUT she coughs at night; just at night. I'm going to march her right back to the doctor to see if the coughing is due to the reflux. Thank you!

Alicia A.

Oh, Chris! I don't know why I didn't mention this before. J has reflux. And at a certain point the doctor suggested prevacid instead of all the asthma stuff and it made all the difference in the world! And now I think he's sort of outgrowing it all.


I'm glad they may have figured out the problem for your little girl. My oldest had asthma really bad when he was little, but luckily he outgrew it by age 11. It's scary business when they are little and breathing is a problem! I had many sleepless nights at the hospital. I hope she feels better soon with this new medication.


Chris that is such good news for Fidget! I hope that it works!! Nice work so far on your slipcover!

amy h

I hope the new meds work -- poor baby! This would be much easier to deal with than asthma, right? (I hope!)

I like your pins, too. :)


I LOVE the slip cover - had to laugh when I saw the pins - that's exactly how I make slipcovers - I just pin fabric on, cut and sew - if it works great! And if not, try, try again! I also love the barn - it would make a great painting....hope you'll post the covered sofa when you're done - I'm going to slip cover some chairs soon....just need something to get me going and I think this post of yours did it!

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