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There is a vacant old barn that I pass every morning on my way into town.

the  barn

Just last summer there were cattle on the property.  Cows are nice to see on a daily basis.  I love looking out into a pasture for the babies.  When you're really lucky, you can see them playing.  Those little calves are frisky. 

A big developer owns this land now and it is zoned for both residential and commericial.  It won't be long before this old barn is torn down to make room for townhomes and drive-through coffee shops.  *sigh* 

We had winds of up to 60 miles an hour here yesterday. 

That old barn didn't budge. 


I think it's beautiful.



Great shots! It's sad to see something like this go. It is amazing that thing didn't crumble in a million pieces when we had all that wind! They built 'em tough back in the day. I just look at that and imagine all the history! Very cool!!

Joanne (The Simple Wife) too. I've always wanted a barn--a red one.



So beautiful, its sad that the simple way of life is all but a memory.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

It is beautiful. I love living in a rural area...though, like you, I'm noticing that there's less "rural" and more developing going on. Too much for my tastes!


There are a lot of old barns and houses in our area that I fear will meet the same fate. And there are others that already have.

I was in a friend's neighborhood today and had forgotten that there is a large, old, brick, prestigious house in the middle of this newer development. It was so nice to see it there. Even if it were amongst so many newer homes. I think more developments should be built around these cool buildings.


What a beautiful but lonely looking barn.
Lovely photos!
Sandra Evertson


it kinda takes my breath away...i can picture old iron beds and bleached colored tattered quilts. i absolutely love it!


Such a shame for a beautiful building like that to be replaced by who knows what. Seeing things like that pains me.


Heart breaking isn't least now it can live on in you photos...(and on line :o)

passing an old barn every day = sweet...grabbing a picture of it before it is torn down = priceless!



So sad that the open places like that are being developed. I hope there are still places like that around for our grandchildren to admire.


What a beautiful photo! It seems a sin to tear down something that has been a part of the landscape for so long. So sad!


I love old barns. It's very sad.


Indeed. Go! Quick! Take lots of pictures. Preserve it while you can. :)


One of my most favorite things to do during the summer while growing up in KS was driving around in the country, looking at old abandoned barns and limestone houses (like on old 40 that runs from Junction City to Abilene) and wondering about the people who had lived there.

(I just stumbled on your blog yesterday, and I've been reading through your old posts - I've got to say, I think you're making me miss Kansas!)

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