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Meet Sophia

I'm seeing light...


She's nearly finished.  (I am not sewing over my pins.  It's a slow process, pulling these babies out every couple inches or so, but so far I'm pleased...)

nearly done

And some etsy goodies arrived in the mail the other day from Candace's shop.  Have you checked out her goodies?  Lots of sweet little vintage finds and crafts.  I picked up four of the prettiest (clean, perfect condition) vintage pillowcases and some handmade gift tags. 

in the mail

These little bunnies are so cute, I'm going to have a hard time putting them on packages!  ;)  I never know what my plans are for pillowcases (sometimes they are just pretty to cut up), but I'm happy to have them, too.  These are so springy. 

On a completely unrelated note, we're getting a new stove today.  Now that I'm a grown-up, I find appliance deliveries very exciting.  And now you know you have that post coming.  Please try to contain your excitement. 


Melissa @ Breath of Life

Cute things. I'll have to check out her shop.

Can't wait to see the cover!


The slipcover looks awesome so far. I made one once, and it took me weeks to buy the fabric, months to get up the nerve to cut into it, and several more weeks to sew it. It's still not as done as I'd like it to be, but it works.


i can't believe you're almost done with that slipcover! crazy - that would have taken me forever just to get the guts to do it!


i have bought some really cute fabric from candace, too! love those tags!


Oh look at that slipcover! BEAUTIFUL!!! That was fast!


Wow! She is coming along there! Good for you!

Love the pillowcases and tags. I would be afraid to use the tags, too.


The slip cover looks amazing! Did you do a mock-up first or did you just jump right in? Perhaps a tutorial???


Thanks for the mention. I really loved packaging your order up....such a nice combo, those pillowcases & tags. :)

great work with the slipcover. can't wait to see the end result.

Jennifer Rosson

Your slipcover is looking great! I get excited over appliances too. I want one of those frigs with the computer in the doors.

Making it ovely

So many lovely pics. It´s my first time here and I think you have a beautiful blog! I am a swedish woman living in Singapore, you can visit me if you like:-)


That slipcover sure is looking good!

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