Pink. It's PINK!

The playroom...

Wanna come over?

Last year we finished our basement.  We moved my office down there, created a guest room suite (far away from the girls' rooms upstairs!) and carved out a large man-space for Mr Pink.  Part of the deal was a playroom.

playroom, nearly done!

This space used to be our tornado shelter, where we huddled among stacked suitcases and plastic bins of off-season clothes.  It's a small room  (10x11?), made to feel smaller by the lack of a window, low ceilings, and a strangely-angled wall that takes its shape from the stairway outside.

playroom, left side.

I wanted to make the room somewhat bright and cheery -- a far cry from the cave-like space it used to be, complete with a hanging bare bulb and spider webs.  So we installed 4 potlights in this tiny room.  And we left the ceiling unfinished -- we had the builders spray paint it white, so it wouldn't seem so low.

playroom, middle

I also took a risk and added mirrors on the back wall, to bounce the light around and hopefully help create the feeling of a window... of a space that wasn't subterranean.

playroom: dress-up wall

Nearly everything (except the kitchen set, a birthday gift) in this room is thrifted or repurposed.  The curtains are bedsheets.  The bookshelves are part of a set of 4 my parents were splitting up. The window mirrors, from Big Sis' old room.  The window hardware?  Saved from two houses ago.  The small milk glass nobbed mirrors? Goodwill.  The red chair in the corner?  An $8 thrift store find.  You see where this is going.

playroom, right side

I still have a big clock and artwork display thingie to put up, somewhere on the right wall, above that little curtained storage area.  And the table in the middle (Big Sis' from 10 years ago), is a little too wobbly to be on a carpet, so I'm going to keep an eye out for something this spring when I hit the garage sales. 

But by and large, I am very happy to say "The Playroom?  Oh, yes, it's done.  Would you like to come over and mess it up with us??"

love these blocks

(You can find these and a couple other photos with notes, at flickr.)


Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Yes, I'd love to come over and help mess it up! A tea party, perhaps?


Jennifer Rosson



This comes at a perfect time, we are in the middle of a basement remodel as I type. Playroom/living room area. I'm gathering playroom ideas and I love your area. So cute!


It looks wonderful - and when we come to play, please may I have first turn with those gorgeous blocks? Barefoot Books if I am not very much mistaken.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Oooh, I'm with Joanne...a tea party!


It looks great!


Oh wow! What a great space!!! I'm very impressed and we'll be over for a playdate this afternoon!


Wow, it looks fabulous!!


very cool! i love that you kept that ceiling open.


is that an invitation, because if so we'll come right over.


Very beautiful. I could move right in.


Very cute!


Yes! I'll be right over!
Looks great, Chris!


What a wonderful spot! I love it. Do your daughters like the tea set? Little K, 2,loves ours - we have the same one. Our basement is years away from that, but I'm planning to show my husband your pics to put some ideas into his head.


..i'd love to bring my little tornado right over!!


Chris you did such a good job, its so cute!! Your girls are going to have hours and hours of fun in there, and when its messy just shut the door :)


Too cute, Chris. I am so jealous. You have inspired me to start working on Wes' big boy room! (although it won't be pink and frilly! LOL). Erin


What time?

(seriously adorable room there Chris!)


Awesome play room. I love the low, fancy mirror with hooks for dress up stuff! Great idea.


Good God it is gorgeous!

Alicia A.

We'll be there at 8 am in the morning...

I've got a tiny person here who could tornado up that room in a jiffy. ;)

Seriously, it's lovely. What a lucky Fidget.


What a fantastic space!! Your girls will have all kinds of fun.

Aunt Fashionista

O my gosh!! The room looks soooo good!!! Like I really had any doubt though...

amy h

This is such a cute room! I love the mirror window!

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