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The Easter Bunny Rocks.

The Easter Bunny left me something very special this year.  (Well, he didn't leave it... he whispered very loudly in my ear yesterday that I should run -- not walk -- to my nearest dealer and buy one, RIGHT NOW, before I melt into a puddle on the floor, exasperated with all the sickness that is my house these days.  But I swear it was his idea.  Lovely Bunny.)

my new toy

I was delighted on Easter morning.  I played all day long... But not until after Fidget and I made chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast.  She is excellent with a whisk and a teaspoon, I promise.

no more banana bread

(It was very good.   But you'll have to trust me on that one.)   


And the Easter Bunny was very kind to hide eggs *inside* this year, as Fidget is still getting over something and it was still pretty cold outside, being mid-March and all.  Oh, and Daddy was curled up in the fetal position, recovering from a stomach virus, so this way he could participate, too.  (I'm not kidding about our house and sickness, people... )  That Easter Bunny thinks of EVERYTHING. ;)

begonias on my table

But we did enjoy the sunshine as it streamed in our windows.  Especially happy were the begonias on my kitchen table, which were a gift from my bestest girlfriends not too long ago... they make me smile every day.   

Happy Spring, everyone!   xoxoxo



Lucky you! My Easter Bunny is a cheap-o. He told me to eat my chocolate and shut up.

Auntie Stac - Spring Bean

I am so excited for you! You take great pics and totally deserve a cool camera! Yay for the Easter Bunny! Aww...love the Easter pic with Izzy! Looks like she scored! Take care! :)


How cool! Too bad your easter bunny didn't come to my house, too.

Can't wait to see some rockin' pictures. :o)


Man, I want your Easter Bunny! Lucky you :)
I have banana bread on my to-do list this afternoon, but before I make it I think I need to get some chocolate chips.


no fair! very very jealous - such a fun new toy!!!

(and we had chocolate chip banana bread for breakfast, too!)


oh how wonderful...that is just about the best easter basket gift I have ever heard of...the Easter bunny must really like you :o)

enjoy your new toy...



is that a rebel xti? i have that one and i adore it! santa rocks too! glad you guys had a good easter adn i hope all of the sickness has been evicted from your home.


What a kind and thoughtful easter bunny. And blech! The germs still haven't left your house? Actually, I've had relapse #3 of crook stomach - I'm off to the doctor now to find out what the *@!# is wrong!

Your photos were lovely before - can't wait to see what you produce with that new toy. :)


Hey! That's the camera I have! (My husband lost the lens cap last weekend though. Be careful.)

Sorry that your hubby was sick. We always do our egg hunts indoors on Sunday morning. If we did it outside, we would never make it to church on time.


Yay for you and your new camera friend!


..isn't it the best?
(well, yours anyway.. mine is 2 years old) :)


Wow, what a fun gift! I can't wait to see all your beautiful pictures you'll take with it!

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