Marching on...
A stitch in time.

Sew inspired these days...

Work is very busy this week... something not completely unexpected after the impromptu break we took last week...


But I'm so ready to CREATE!  DO!  MAKE!  I'll have to placate myself with the pretty stuff on flickr and around blogland, I suppose.  So... in no particular order,

Can you tell where my mind is wandering these days?  :)

Oh, and lest I forget.  No, I did not make the sweet little granny square blanket pictured in the doll cradle above.  Ha ha ha!  Remember how my last crochet project turned out??  No, this isn't my handiwork, dear friends.    It was a lucky thrift find a few weeks ago.  I love the daring use of color!



The internets are a double edged sword, eh? Inspiring you and making you crazy all at once. Good luck getting past the "work" and on to the creative projects.



Yes. Embarrassingly I seem to make those shirts daily. Did you have to point it out? :-)


I agree with you! Lera is amazing at the sheer number of things she is able to complete.

I have already drooled over those oliver + s patterns, too. Sigh. Is there a thing as too much inspiration? ;o)


Thank you for all of your kind words! I love the granny square quilt. What a lucky find. And your photograph is so serene and beautiful. Nice work!


Gosh, if I only had the time to go with all of the inspiration out there. Or the luck to find more vintage pillowcases! ;)

Thanks for linking to me!!

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