I'd better go buy some avacados.
Suddenly, the wheels are in motion...

Someday she'll appreciate this.

Now that the weather's thaaaat much closer to warm, I'm ready to make some easy summer stuff for the girls.  Sunday night I found this little pattern (Butterick See & Sew B5119) in my stash while looking for those embroidered girls and thought, why not?

Why not, indeed?  Oooh, I love it.   So simple and quick and ready for warm weather!

New top for Fidget

Alas, Fidget threw some kind of tantrum about it and ended up in time out.


This is not how I expected the Big Reveal would go. 

I cut a size 3, because she is long-waisted. But the neckline's a little showy for my taste, so I shortened the elastic in the casing and now it fits much better.


(Yes, my kitchen is red and my cabinets are high gloss dark stain with awful shiny bathroom-cabinet style pulls.  All of it needs replacing.  I am quite inspired by Beki and her kitchen reno.  It's on the schedule for this summer. Lotsa paint.  Thank goodness the floors are ok!)



Such a little sweetie pie top, I love it. And your right someday she will appreciate it. I just got after my mom, again, the other day for getting rid of entire wardrobes my Grandmother made me, I wished so many times that I still had them.


The only tantrum I'd be throwing is "LET ME WEAR IT NOW!!!!!" C-ute!


That is the sweetest shirt. I have though about doing something similar with the sleeves on Spenser's old standby Simplicity 4206 shirt.


You are so funny! Again, making me smile. All of it... from little bit in time out for the new shirt tantrum to the bathroom hardware. You are cracking me up woman! Loving the shirt by the way!


I love it! So sweet!!


That is so adorable! All your projects lately are inspiring me. After making my girls some warm weather clothes, I think I'll tackle slipcovering the chair in my kitchen.


My kitchen is the same shade of red. I've hung a few vintage plates on the wall and want to add more.

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