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Two for Tuesday!

Miniswap Fun!

On Saturday we were an hour into Fidget's birthday party when the doorbell rang.

Our miniswap parcel had arrived from Ali and her boys in England!

A parcel from England!

I cannot tell you how fun it was to explain to our merry little group what this was all about -- and then add that pretty package (can you see that cool flowered packing tape?) to our pile of presents and save it for last.  What fun!

Ali and her boys were so generous.   

A letter from a new friend

First of all, her 7 year old son, Mark, wrote the sweetest (and most entertaining) letter to our girls telling them all about his school and friends and goldfish.  Very, very cute. 

Ali enclosed a note to me saying how they decided to send all the makings for a perfect tea... and wow, did they ever.

Miniswap 3 Tea Time treats from Domesticali & kids

Ali even made my eldest an apron - which she modeled with delight.  Poor thing borrows mine all the time and was thrilled to have one of her own.  ??  Why has this escaped me for so long? 

apron for big sister - miniswap 3

And if I can get Fidget to stand still long enough, I'm going to try on the sweet little smocket Ali made, and was thoughtful enough to send a couple vintage buttons in case it was too small to tie!


There was so much in the box...

A cupcake cookbook!

  • A cupcake cookbook, which has already been studied by big sister
  • A 'Duck' book (a character we adore... and we didn't have this one in our collection)
  • A Magic Paint book (just use water!)  And paint brushes.  Love these.
  • Cupcake decorations
  • Cupcake candles

    So many goodies for a proper tea.

  • Hippo Biscuits for tea time (Mark and Johnny's fave)
  • Hama bead coasters for our tea cups

  • hama bead Coasters

  • petit fours paper cups

  • Fidget liked the petit-fours cups

  • And more?  Yes, it seemed to go on forever.  They even included a little striped bag with lipglosses and girly stuff for big sister, but I think those have been stashed in a backpack already.  I can't find them!

Thank you Ali, Mark and Johnny!  It was all wonderful.  We hope you receive your package soon and enjoy it just as much.  xoxoxo

[ Want to see more miniswap photos?  >>> Follow me to the flickr group ]



wow! what a great swap! i think my faves are the coasters!


I have to say that you received one of the nicest swaps I have EVER seen. Very lucky!!


What a great swap partner you had! Beautiful stuff!!! Hey new friend, I added you to my blogroll! ;)


Looks like a great party - and how cool that you exchange with people in England!! How did that come about?



man alive, that ali -- she totally rocks!


We're so chuffed that you liked it. And that has to be one of the sweetest (not to mention beautifully photographed) thank you posts of all time!


What a fun swap! I love the little apron too.


Wowee! I am kicking myself for not signing up for that. Mabye next time. :) You and babes got some really great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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