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First off, a big 'ol BELATED Midwestern THANKS to Miss Lera of The Sky is Pink, for the sweet little package that arrived last week.  (Truth be told, after all the drama of last week, I ended up getting very sick myself and stayed in bed for 5 days.  * But I'm going to gloss over that part.*  See that?  Like it never happened.  I'm DONE talking about ill health.) 

FromleraI was delighted to get a little package with the yummiest smelling homemade chocolate peanut butter soap and bakers twine and handmade card...!  Thank you Lera, xoxoxo  I love it.  Fidget thinks it's chocolate and wants to eat it.

(Please forgive the photo quality.  It's pouring down rain right now and there isn't decent light to be found!)

This week I am GOING to FINISH the curtains for the playroom.  See?  I've already got the sheeting ready.


In truth, I started cutting these over a week ago.  And then I realized I miscut not one, not two, but all THREE curtain panels. How long have I been sewing again???  I tossed them on the table in disgust and walked away, quite sure that my stupidity was a serious handicap to my crafting and I shouldn't go any further.  But now I know how I'll fix them, so no harm done.  They'll just be... fancier.  Because that is what a fake window in a playroom needs.  Fancy curtains.

Anyway, the playroom IS going to be finished one of these days!  Because I need to get going on her. I'm still mulling over fabric options and the whole slipcover/reupholster decision, but we're closing in on that project, my dears.  I can't wait.

Goodness, there is a lot to catch up on when you've been unplugged for a week.  I honestly don't know if I'm going to catch up or just start from here.  There's so much good stuff in blogland that I would hate to miss.  We'll see if this week's workload allows for some skimming through last week or not... I have a feeling things are going to be pretty busy over here for a while.  I'm missed you all, dear friends!

: : :  Thank you, again, for your sweet comments and emails over the last week.  They have meant so much.  My father-in-law is moving into the rehab unit today, which is a miracle considering he had no pulse a week ago... and little Fidget?  She's back to her old silly self again.  : : :  e x h a l e  : : :


Alicia A.

I'm glad all of your health is improving- all three of you!

That playroom is going to be something else!


I'll be sewing curtains right along side you - my linen for my dining room arrived last week. Have I mentioned how much I detest sewing curtains?

I'm happy to hear that things are improving on your end :)


glad i'm not the only one who walks away from things in disgust. love the colors and i'm glad you guys are feeling better!


Glad to hear everything is settling down and getting back to normal. I know what you mean though, I spend toooo much time being distracted, but oh so sweetly, in blogland and not doing my own projects!


So glad everything is improving for all of you! Glad you are feeling better. What a fun gift! I think I would want to eat it too.


Sometimes I find myself making silly mistakes and have to walk away from projects.

Glad you received (and like) your package.

amy h

I'm glad to hear that everyone is feeling better or on the way to recovery. What a stressful time for you! I hope your spring is carefree. :)

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