Someday she'll appreciate this.
Pink. It's PINK!

Suddenly, the wheels are in motion...

Joy on my doorstep.  White cotton twill and some Amy Butler Lotus Wallflower in cherry , a print I have loved for a long time but didn't have in my stash.


That's quite a bit of twill....I wonder what I'll use it for?

Oh, I know!

Remember her?


I toyed with the idea of going with a bold AB Nigella print,


..but I chickened out.  I'm not that bold. Maybe it's my that my photoshop skills leave a little to be desired, but I just couldn't go there. 

Instead, you'll get to follow my WIP while I try to construct a white slipcover for this curvy gal.  (I can already sense your excitement!)  I'll have to settle for a slipcover for now, because I've got to be able to wash this thing, as the girls love it and it's a destination when they come running into this room.  Also, I can always use the pattern -- once I've made one, that is -- to make another out of bolder fabric. Or upholster someday it in a velvet (oooh, velvet!), without having messed up the frame.   

The curves scare me a little, but I've always said I had more ambition than talent. Sometimes you just need to jump in, try and surprise yourself.   I'm also going to add nice long pillow across the back.  Hello, punchy red.


It could be I'm just chickening out altogether, but I do think it will be pretty when I'm done. The legs should get painted too, don't you think?  That's where I could be bold for now.

Back in February, I promised something pretty for the person whose idea I used... I'm pretty sure Cindy suggested cream with punchy pillows.  Joanne suggested red and white gingham (which got me thinking about the AB cherry print) and Beki, a solid with pillows and a ruffle (and I haven't ruled out a pleated ruffle along the bottom... )  So, while no one got it head-on, you each came pretty close.   So send me your address via email [pinkpicketfence (at) gmail (dot) com] and I'll make good on that one.  :)

Also, I stopped by a local thrift store today...  But I'll wait to share.  It's good stuff and I need to get some work done.

Happy Thursday, friends!  xoxoxo



That is going to look so so great Chris! I can't wait to see it finished!


awesome! that amy butler is so cool - my curtains make me happy! ;)


That's going to look fab!!!


I love that AB print. The whole thing is going to look great!


That is such an awesome sofa. The white will be pretty with that bold red print. I liked your idea of covering the entire thing in an Amy Butler would be really pretty in any of her prints against that wall color.


Love it! I think she is going to be gorgeous when you're done with her.


That AB print is one of my favourites too - it's going to look fantastic. And yes, I'd paint the legs as well.


Wow, its a striking combo, love it. I have a little bit of that AB fab too :) Can't wait to see how you put it all together.


That is sooooooo funny! I just (finally) bought some of that AB Wallflower in Cherry too - about 3 weeks ago. It is scary, I tell ya.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Ooooh, I LOVE that red fabric. Love it, love it, love it. Wouldn't it make a gorgeous bedspread? Hmmm...

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