The Easter Bunny Rocks.
I'd better go buy some avacados.

From the Mailbox

Somehow, in a completely distorted universe far, far away, it makes perfect sense to trade middle-of-the-road-promotional-material-making-skills for this:

Crystalline Cake Plate

A gorgeous and very rare pink crystalline cake plate.

Some friends of mine are brave (and crazy) enough to have fallen for this special craft.  She throws the pottery -- all gorgeous -- and he glazes.  He's a software salesman by day, expert mineral crystal glazier by night.  Their stuff is ridiculously beautiful.  The failure rate on these kinds of pieces is very high, so most people don't bother with it.  I'm so glad they do. 

Crystalline Cake Plate

They had never tried pink before, but that's what I requested... so here it is.  Their first pink plate.  Oh, Larry, thank you.  It's perfect.

And your little postcards are on their way...

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I also keep forgetting to thank Jade, at chikaustin, for bestowing the "You Make Me Smile " Award on yours truly last week.  The last award I received was in high school for Best Actress in a Comedy.  Which sounds very impressive until you realize there were only two girls in the whole production.  And I had more lines. 

So when she tapped me (and a couple others) out of the many talented bloggers out there as someone who makes her smile... well.  Let me tell you.  I felt special.  If you haven't had a chance to check out her lovely blog, make sure you do.  She has been cranking out some darling pillowcase dresses lately!  Jade, you make me smile, too.  XOXOXOXO   



Oh, heavens... that is stunningly gorgeous.


What a very pretty plate. Lucky you.


Very pretty plate! Smiling!!


That plate is so amazingly beautiful! I love it all in shades of pink. My uncle used to make pottery with crystals, but his were in muted browns and blues. I must say the pink is quite stunning!


That plate is gorgeous! It would look fabulous with my vintage assortment of pink china. If you ever need to find a new home for it, you just let me know.:o)


Beautiful. That's a smile in the mailbox right there.


Wow, that plate is gorgeous!

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