Sew inspired these days...
The Easter Bunny Rocks.

A stitch in time.

I was emailing with laeroport the other day about embroidery projects, and various stages thereof.   She knows how to thread a needle, that one.  Have you seen her stuff???   She has several very cute projects in the works.

Anyway, that got me to thinking. I've got some, too.  Projects in various stages, that is. 


In fact, I have a little stack (4? 5?) of these little girls hidden somewhere in my fabric stash.  I originally intended them to be placed into a quilt for Fidget (because there is no getting aound how much that little girl looks like my Fidget, pixie-cut and all).  I remember folding them up neatly with some of the fabric I was thinking of using, and then having to whisk it out of sight one day when company was coming.  I never intended for them to be smushed into my fabric hutch for nearly half a year.  But they are.  I might have to rescue them soon.

Thanks, dear friend, for the reminder.  I think the girls in their cute little dresses and bows will appreciate the fresh air.

[ This photo.  Of course it is old.  Look at all that GREEN outside!  Ha.  ]

Happy Spring! 



I love them! I want them!


Love that eye candy!

Thanks for the words of encouragement today.You don't know how much it helps.

Happy weekend!


Oh, those definately need to see the light of day!




I have a partially done quilt top that I have manages to lose in a closet somewhere. Out of sight out of mind, right?


These are so so cute Chris. You should do somethin with them!

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