Ahhhh, yes.
Finally Friday

Sunny Daze

Short post today.  It's another snow day and I have the kids at home and a deadline to boot.  But I did promise warm sunny Florida pics.  So here you go.

Even the dogs have better options there:


I'm sure there were several onlookers behind their curtains in 'Del Boca Vista' scratching their heads at the strange lady taking photos of A FIRE HYDRANT... (But it was so cheerful!) 

... and laying down to take a picture of a kumquat on the sidewalk.


There are lots of projects brewing, because someone is turning 2 very soon.


Sweet girl.  Thought the white sand was snow.



I'd take some ofthat white sand about now! Geez oh pete, will this midwestern winter EVER end? Good luck with that deadline, dearie!


The fire hydrant is perfect!


She thought the sand was snow? That is too cute!!!


I know there are several people wandering around telling how they saw a wierd girl (that'd be me) bedning down and taking photos of the footpath - then pointing the camera right at the sky!

I guess I'm happy to be a wierdo, most days. Especially since I have the beautiful photos, and they only have sneery stories.

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