Fifi to the rescue
Miniswap Fun!

She 'bakes', too.

That Fifi.  She's a busy girl.

I've been down in my office finishing up some work and all this time she was putting the final touches on Fidget's new birthday cake!


Would you like a slice?


Zero calories, I promise.


Be careful with the sprinkles on top, though.  They might be a little crunchy.


It pains me to have to wrap this stuff up tonight.  Momma's had a lot of fun playing with her Fidget's new toys.

Happy weekend!  xo


Alicia A.

that cake!!! it just keeps getting better!


Its a little dream...i love it and I'm sure Fidget will too! Happy # 2 B-day to you Fidget!! Your cake is my favorate, deep chocolate with a nice lacie, colorful, crunchy topping:)


That's fab, who wouldn't love a cake like that. x

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

How cute is that?! I just love coming to visit you and finding gorgeous inspiration! Happy birthday to the birthday girl!


That is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Seriously!!!

Happy birthday to the big girl!


chocolate with vanilla icing, my favorite! what a perfect gift for a two year old. well done!

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