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Well, I cleaned her up and moved her into the house.  (By myself, I must add.  I was getting tired of asking Mr Pink to move it, and I felt so bad that the weather was about to turn really nasty and he was graciously parking outside so she could park her curvy legs in his spot.  Moving her in wasn't all that pretty.  But no one was here to take pictures of me sliding and slipping on floors and squeezing through doorways and stepping on the dog.  So just take my word for it.)


[ Skip this part if you just. don't. care.  It's okay. I won't mind.

This room! Aaah! It is supposed to be my crafting room.  It's my old office, right off the foyer, across from our dining room and, therefore, unfortunately subject to a more formal aesthetic.  I went with cream on the walls last spring (although I glazed satin stripes for character) because all the connecting spaces have lotsa color. (foyer : dining room : living room)  hmph.

Looking back I totally think I could have gone with blue.  Although this photo is very misleading -- the room doesn't really get any light and it's north-facing, so it always feels cold.  I nixed blue as an option back then because I worried it wouldn't be cozy.  Doesn't matter now, though.  There is no way I am painting over my stripes, baby. ]

So. She has moved in.  With all her curvy formal cuteness.  The fabric is pretty old and she needs new clothes.  You can't see it in this photo, but the new piano is also in here.  And the drop leaf table I use for my sewing machine.    There is now a lot of furniture in this room!  Are you feeling crowded yet???  This room is only 11x10. Feet.


I promise she's not lopsided. The (down! oh my!) cushion was recently rumpled by one of my two girls. I can't keep them off of it. Fidget thinks it's a bed and keep climbing up on it and saying 'night night!'   Washability of fabric might be something to consider, I suppose.

I've already got an idea for her makeover.  She needs some sass.  It is starting to feel downright stuffy in there and I can't have that.   I could go with white canvas + punchy pillows. Or bright and bold pinks and browns.  Some Amy Butler Nigella Twill could work, too.  I'd love to pick the brains of my brilliant friends for their opinions.  SO... what direction would you go?

Any ideas are welcome, really.  I just want to do it once.   And if I end up using your idea, I'll send you something pretty.  XO



Don't worry about the amount of furniture...let's living room is 10x14 and I have a couch, four chairs, a coffee table, 2 side tables, medical trunk, entry table, console table, and six lamps. Whew! I think you are doing great so far!

There is nothing like a down cushion!

Alicia A.

LOVE the stripes.

this does nothing for the washability, but something velveteen... oooooo... pretty.


I always like a nice cream slipcover that you can dress up with pillows and change out. It will look great no matter what you do, it has so much character already!


I am with Alicia A. Velveteen would look great. Mabye chocolate sofa with turquoise or mint green pillows? Gosh, I don't know. You should check out Apt. Therapy. They have loads of cool color combos. She sure is a beauty.


I like the idea of a solid colored slipcover with a ruffle at the hem. You can always punch it up with pillows.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Giant red gingham!

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