Finally Friday
Out, out, darned negativity!

Send coffee, asap.

I have one of those jobs that you hear about and think yeah, she's lucky.  I need to remind myself of that today because I got a call Sunday night at 7pm and, aside from sleeping from 1-6:30, I haven't popped out of excel worksheetland since.  I hate excel worksheetland.  I only go there if I have to.

Most of the time I work 2-4 hours a day, in maintenance mode.  It's very nice and predictable.  But I worry that they will soon consider me an unnecessary expense and cut off my nice dependable monthly retainer.  Oh, how I worry. 

Predictably, my husband says, Don't worry, you know you always start feeling that way and then, BAM! you have one of those weeks where you work nonstop and prove yourself irreplaceable.

People, this is shaping up to be one of Those Weeks. I'll see you on the other side.




I'll bring coffee and pastry! Be right over! Thanks for the links for the dresses. Can't wait to try it out!!!


I hear ya! Don't get lost in excel worksheetland. I was there this morning for a few hours, but I made it out alive and in one piece. Sending you a virtual latte!


Just wanted to say I love your blog!! So many cute things.

EXCEL just hearing about it gives me a head ache. My hubby loves excel and insist that we use it to balance our check book. I told him that was fine, if he did the balancing.

I hope your week isn't to hectic.


...i was whining to myself about excel worksheet land (aka: billing, billing, billing) this afternoon as well. But, I'm done and heading out on maternity leave. So, I should just shut-up already, huh?
However - If the babe is a screamer, I may be willing to trade duties with ya?? :)


dude. your week and my week can run away together and wreck havoc on the rest of the human nation. CUZ I'VE HAD ENOUGH.


Oh no! Keep strong, you'll make it through..

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