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Send coffee, asap.

Finally Friday

More Florida photos.  Just because. 

I'm working on super secret mini swap stuff (can I be frank and just say I am really intimidated by this one, because a)I'm really not sure what boys like and b) my swap partner is uber talented!  I'm crossing my fingers that we don't totally screw it up).  And I'm working on some birthday stuff for Fidget.

But the Florida photos are so much prettier than those WIPs. 

My eldest's feet are now a size and a half bigger than mine. Eep.

We got all our tax stuff done last night and had an appt with our cpa today.  Isn't that thrilling?


I hope we get some money back.  Because it could go in our 'Florida Travel Fund'.


Because I'd like to go again.



Have a happy weekend, everyone.  XO



Yeah, I only have sad WIP photos to post today because I have been stuck in the land of winter. Bah!
And yeah, I've already told my mini swap partner we'll be late sending ours. And it has to go all the way to Australia. KaChing! I'll looking for things that weigh less than an ounce.
Ciao for now, my dear!


warmth. sigh.

my hands are freezing as I type this. I may actually go do dishes just to warm them up.

here's to the next round of FL trips!


We need some kind of pact, because I've been a basket case collaring all the older girls in our neighbourhood to canvas opinion on whether or not our ideas are remotely suitable. Little girls are plain fun, but the big foot brigade - frightening!


Those pictures are to die for......I want sun, and warmth! My folks use to be snow birds only in Arizona. Our family spent many vacations there free, it was so wonderful to have someplace warm to escape to in the winter. Enjoy!


Those are beautiful pictures. Good luck with your swap stuff and birthday stuff. Can't wait to hear about Fidget's birthday!


I just found out that we'll be heading to Florida in May to tag along with Daddy at a conference. Disney World here we come! Love your Florida flicks!

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