Ain't nothin gonna break my stride
She 'bakes', too.

Fifi to the rescue

Thankfully, the work fog is starting to lift. And the sun is starting to poke it's lovely head out, too.  Hurrah!  So. Back to life.  Just in time.  Tomorrow someone is turning two!

It's a good thing I picked up Fifi from Alicia yesterday, because she has been a LOT of help.  She's over-the-top-cute and her mere presence in our home means that Fidget will be receiving something for her birthday.   But more than that, the girl is crafty! 

Before I knew it, Fifi had taken over the final touches of Fidget's matching dress and was busy pressing away.


She is so quick and helpful.  It was done in no time.


And of course, Fifi insisted on posing with the finished product.  The girl has spunk, I tell you.  She insisted on a matching hair clip for Fidget, and I obliged. 


She was very proud of her work.


Thank you, Alicia, she's just perfect.  xo



How adorable! Takes me down memory lane.....the dolly Lucy (named after Grandma) my Mom made. We had matching dark purple dresses with light pink flowers. I'm gonna have to dig out some photos!

Alicia A.

Oh, good grief. My face hurts from the smiling!




Ack! I can't wait to hear all about the big day. You thought you were just getting a doll - little did you know you'd have a helper. Hope the party was swell - and that cake looks divine.


LOVE the dresses (and the doll, too, Alicia!). Great use of polka dots! :-)


I love this dress! Great job! What pattern did you use for the dress?

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