Out, out, darned negativity!
Ain't nothin gonna break my stride

Comments via Email? What a concept!

Err.  Um, I'm sorry if I haven't replied to any of your nice comments lately.

For some reason Yahoo! has decided I don't need written encouragement.  Oh, yeah?  Well, I do.  Especially this week, being overworked and needy and more than a little hormontional to boot.  (Yep, that's my word, and my gift to you today.  It's a good'un.) 

So thank you for visiting.  And commenting.  Your funny little messages are making a big difference this week.  I've set up another email account via gmail, so maybe we'll have better luck. 


(ooh!  Look, Fidge in the snow!  I even broke my no-face-shots rule because she was having so much fun.)

I'm seven worksheets deep into this work thing and my mind is stumbling over all the conditional formulas, conditional formatting, escalation factors, and conditional variables feeding multiple worksheets.  It's kind of a stretch to think I am capable of that much... logic.   Clearly they have me confused with someone who knows what the heck they're doing.

Fidget's birthday is Saturday, too... and my little fits aren't helped much by the heaps of laundry, bedsheets to change, party to plan and toilets to scrub.  (Wow.  This is turning into one heck of a pity party.  How do you decorate for that?)


(ooh!  look!  A crocheted pillowcase from thriftin' Thursday last week.  And score...its pair was there, too.)

On the upside, last night I only worked through until 10pm.   And as soon as my super awesome husband got home last night he took care of the kids so shutting down 'early' was possible.  He even folded heaps of laundry and sorted them and got it mostly right.  He's my hero.  He never reads this blog so I should probably tell him that in person.

I took a break yesterday morning while waiting for some feedback and caught up on Shannon's trip to Uganda.  And I cried for those children and in shame for all my complaining.  I've got a lot of growing up to do.  I turn 36 soon.  Is that too late?

Hormones.  Sheesh. 

>I'm going to go pop a B vitamin and slam some coffee.  ExcelWorkbookLand, here I come.



ooh, please tell me that pillowcase will become a dress or skirt (or top?) for fidge?

and i like to decorate for my pity parties with toilet paper. they hang nicely. and sharpie markers.


Good vibes! Good vibes! Are you getting this comment in your e-mail? I must say, I love my gmail account. And I love that shot of Fidget! Ack!


Nice score on the pillowcase! I had the same problem - unknown to me - for a year!!! Most of my replies to comments were going into SPAM. And all along I thought nobody liked me. Sheesh!


if you have success with the switch to gmail, will you please let me know? because i am having the same (highly annoying) problem with yahoo and typepad.

(and a precious little one you've got there in the snow!)

Alicia A.

I will finish up the baby doll dress tonight, if you want to meet me half way sometime later in the week we can do the trade. :)


What a cutie pie!

Love the pillowcases! Will they become something or are you going to leave them as pillowcases?


Hormotional - a very good new word. It'd get plenty of mileage round here.
And why do parties always involve so much cleaning? Johnny's is Thursday - I have a lot of floor to mop by then.

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