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Cloud Mine

I never should have stopped in on Saturday.  I am having a wicked awesome (remember that??) thrifting streak these days and I shouldn't have popped into that thrift store... but I did.

My reason (I really did have one) was to poke around for my miniswap3 partner and her sweet boys.  My oldest was finding things left and right and we felt so lucky!  Cute!  A cool toy!  And themed books!  Woohoo!

And then I saw her.


All curvy and feminine.  And solid.  And -- ohmygoodnessIcan'tbelievemyluck -- that cushion?  Goose-down, baby.  Like sinking into a cloud.   (A cloud upholstered with some Monet-inspired chintz from 1986, but a cloud nevertheless.)  [edited to add: She's petite, too -- only about 5' wide.]

The price tag read $80.  But I told you it was a good day.  And it was.  They were having a 60% off sale, and I got her for $32....

Egads.  I don't know where I'm going to put her, after I clean her up a bit and make her some pretty new clothes.  That front room with the piano already has my sewing table and fabric hutch.  It would be crowded.  But I think she is moving in.      

So now that I have everything in the house where I want it and I am knee-deep into a powder room redux, playroom design and am gearing up for a 2nd birthday.... I have to rearrange furniture and repurpose rooms again.  I have to.  She needs me. 

Oh, and Mr Pink?  Not as jazzed about this find as I am.  But he says if I love her I can keep her. 

I love her. 

She may twist my meager brain like a Rubik's Cube while I try to mentally rearrange my current furnishings, but sometimes love does that to you.  XO



She is beautiful! And she must have been meant for you because I so didn't see her the day I was in there! ;) Happy V-day to YOU my love! xo


oh dear lord, you are one lucky lady!!

laeroport I have to come thrifting with you.


you know, the trifting gods are just downright playing favorites now.


Oh, a good thrifting day is just about one of the most fun days around!

Aunt Fashionista

And well, of course you found something like that!!!! You little stinker...


What a gorgeous piece!! Do you know what material you are covering her in yet? Cant wait to see!


Wow, luckkkyyyy! If I was the one that went in that store she would of been $200! I have terrible thrift luck. Enjoy her and don't forget to show us her new clothes:)

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