Happy Valentine's Day =)
Ahhhh, yes.

And... we're back.


Ahh.  Got in last night from a quick family trip to Tampa.  Wow, it was gorgeous there.  80s.  Sunshine.  Pools.  Leaving the house without spending 5 minutes bundling up the kids.  Heaven. 

Of course a holiday weekend wouldn't be a holiday weekend for Fidget without a mid-night trip to the ER (thanks to her super-asthma), but we did have a wonderful time visiting with extended family and frolicking in the sunshine.  Many, many happy sunshine photos to come. 

However, today I've got some stuff to do. 

  • suitcases
  • laundry
  • work that pays the bills
  • post-air travel shower
  • groceries
  • gas up the car
  • get more RXs filled
  • sheets

Wow.  I don't know if I have the energy for all that.  XO 



Glad you had a great trip. Good luck getting everything done today!

Alicia A.

Fidget! You stop that.


In the middle of winter that's what I most look forward to - stepping out of the door and just going. No coats, hats, gloves palaver.

Good luck with that chores list!


Yikes. I hope she's okay!!!

It seems like my children ALWAYS get sick on holiday weekends. Usually it's stuff that's too dumb to go to the ER, like pinkeye. Our drs office won't call in a RX for ANYthing over the phone. And they've scolded me for giving pinkeye drops and NOT going to the ER for them!


i am ever so jealous of your trip! wow 80s? what's that? i think i may be sunbathing if it hits 60 again.


Want me to send you some prednisone? Girl, my house is clean, my laundry & dishes are all caught up, AND I've been sewing. I'm sad that this morning is my last dose.
Your trip sounds wonderful. Too bad about the asthma, we've been dealing with that with the boy lately. Not fun.

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