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Ain't nothin gonna break my stride

I have had this obsession with Fidget's birthday this year.  She's turning two, and we got her a little kitchen playset for her playroom.  We're adding a faux window. With curtains.  And pennant garland.  A little table for the middle of the room.  Mini pots and pans.  I am working on the playroom -- but it's not there yet.  This week's work schedule has flipped me over and has me screaming uncle.

But that will not thwart my plans for this:


This little project has been in my mind for a couple weeks.  A felt (and wacky thrifted striped polyester) cake.  I've had that knobby striped stuff for a long time and I wasn't sure what to do with it.  Evidently, it makes decent faux frosting.

Fidget loves birthdays and cakes and the whole spectacle.  When we had an early birthday dinner in FL a couple weeks ago with my folks we had to keep relighting the candles and singing, she thought it so much fun.

Just last night I finished the 'boring' part - making the cake body and a couple slices (just wait 'til you see those: chocolate!) but I couldn't wait to decorate the top.  I will be removing the pins and sewing those buttons on before I give it to her, promise.  Guess what I'll be doing tonight if my office cooperates and gives me the night off? ;)

I'm also very excited about a handmade doll she is getting, thanks to Alicia's craftiness. The plan is to make Fidge a dress to match her new little girlfriend.  And that is kind of in progress, too. 




That cake is adorable :)


I wish I had thought of that brilliant kind of cake when my niece wanted a Birthday Cake about 8 years ago. I ended up covering a paper mache box with spackle "frosting" and acrylic paint edges/writing. That spackle never did dry quite right and oh, my! did the cat hair stick to it. Ewww......

Glad to see you've been able to surface from ExcelLand at least momentarily!


That looks amazing! That fabric is perfect for frosting!


That cake is the bomb! Blue and white frosting-yum! The kitchen playset looks like a perfect gift. I wish my kitchen had pink appliances. ;)

Alicia A.

Don't give yourself a fit this week, my dear!
(the cake really is to die for, though.)


Oh I'm in love with that little cake! I want to make one!!!


What a gorgeous little cake, so fun to have in Fidget's new kitchen. I love it! Can't wait to see everything all finished. BTW, she is a total doll, what a cutie:)


Oh my! That is fantastic!!!!!!

I kept looking at the buttons and wondered how you stuck them on! I first thought giant french knots. Then I thought there was a little bead at the top. Then you said it was a pin. (Duh!!!)


That is fantastic. My 3 year old would adore it-- what a fun gift.


ain't nothin' gonna slow me down, oh no, i got-tah keep on mov-in'.

ack. the cake. gah. love it.


Aiiiii! It is so so so wonderful!


Your cake is lovely! My three year-old son would love it, too. He likes to set up a stand and pretend to sell imaginary ice cream. He would love to have "real" food to sell...


Chris, I am so jealous of your talents. Happy early Birthday to Fidget! We love you guys!

Erin & Wesley

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