And... we're back.
Sunny Daze

Ahhhh, yes.

Fidget's meds are starting to work.  She can breathe without coughing now.  However, the prednisone is making her nights very restless and scary.  I was up for 3 hours with her last night.  I'm tired.


See the pretty flowers?  Nice.  I took several shots like this at my uncle's pool while we were sitting on his lanai having lunch the other day.  I'm going to feature Florida photos all week because they are prettier and sunnier and better than anything I will take here in the 10 degree winter-storm-warning-snow-is-on-the-way-again stuff we have here.  I want to go back!


Well, I guess that's going to happen.  Because after two extended-winter-rental vacations down there, my parents decided to move to the Tampa area and are closing on their new home in a few weeks.  [It's very 'Del Boca Vista', a la Seinfield.]  They've bought a nice 3 bedroom in a retirement golf community where every day is a party.  I'm serious.  They go for a walk in the afternoon and get invited in to a neighbor's house and the next thing you know, they're drinking margaritas poolside.   


Last week they spent the day on their neighbors' sailboat, going out to a sand bar/island in the channel. For about 8 miles the water was crystal clear and 8-9 feet deep.  They saw all sorts of  sea life.  Dolphins jumped in the distance.  When they reached the island, they roasted hot dogs and drank beer on the beach.  My friend Katie said, "man, that's like college for retired people."  No kidding.  This is the stuff they do.  Every day.

Big Tree

So I'm glad they're having fun.  Their new house has plenty of room for us to visit and the 2.5hr direct flight wasn't bad.  It will be fun to plan Florida trips throughout the year to get away, and not worry about the cost of lodging or rental cars.  We've got additional family down there, so we'll get to see them more often, too.  They're all very close -- within 20 minutes -- and my aunts and uncles (all snowbirds from Massachusetts and New Hampshire)  all showed up for a little early 2nd birthday party for Fidget on Saturday.  We realized it had been 8 years since we've been able to do something like that. 

I always wanted to be different than my parents who, until this winter, did a lot of tv watching and staying in, rarely socializing or doing much.  My, how things have changed.  Retirement kind of rocks, I think.




Your sunny photos are warming me up on this freezing, windy day. And I am with you on that sudden shift - I am so jealous of my parents and their retirement travel time. HOW many years do I have to work????

Stay warm!


wow. fun stuff. it's snowing here, too.

love that last shot of the tree!


Ah, sunshine! Love your pictures. They made it feel like summer, if only for a moment. The mossey tree photo is amazing. My in laws live in Clearwater so we get down there about once a year.

I am sorry about your wee one. Hope she feels (and breathes) better soon. Hugs!


GOOD for your parents. That sounds dreamy.

Here's wishing the babe gets better soon - and that you both have a restful rest of the week!


That tree photo is gorgeous!
I want to retire to FL.


Hmmm. When my husband retires in four years, can we move to Florida and go sailing, too? (Oh, that's right. The kids are still too young for that. Joe will have to get another job to support them a little longer.)

Alicia A.

Lucky devils.
And lucky you for being able to visit!


dude. i'm stowing away in your suitcase the next time you go.

Leigh Ann

I can't wait for retirement! ;)

Loving the Fl pix. Makes me feel all warm.

Cheers! LA

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