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Lemon Tart

What are *you* doing Saturday night?   I ask, because your answer should be, "Watching the Miss America pageant. Duh!"   

No, really!  That's what I'll be doing. 

With my girlfriends. In thrift store evening gowns. Wearing lots of makeup. And high heels. And jewels.  My goodness, the jewels!  And Tiaras!  Drinking champagne and eating cucumber sandwiches, dip, and chocolate eclairs.  Off the good china.


What am I wearing?  Are you ready?  Why, this lovely off the shoulder ruffle-layered lemon yellow summer bridesmaid's dress, circa 1969.  And maybe some Farrah hair.   Although this dress channels serious Kathy Lee Gifford, during her Name that Tune days.


I'm pretty sure this one was wadded up in a ball and stuffed in a bag for the last 38 years before it was carted off to Goodwill.  I'm a little scared to press or steam it, as it is 100% synthetic poly-nylon will probably melt if I leave it in the same room with my iron. 

But it was a steal and it fits like a glove, dahling.


And I can go as Lemon Meringue Barbie for Halloween later this year.

We do have a good reason to watch, though.  One of my best girlfriends was Miss Southern Union, back in the day.  The title earned her a trip to the Miss Alabama pageant and some of the best home movies ever.  Ever.  She has always followed the pageant religiously (wholeheartedly acknowledging it's a spectacle, but loving it all the same) and decided last year to host an official watch party. We started planning a little late, so some of the details got rushed.  But this year we are in full swing, baby.

So I am thinking about making sashes.  Alas, we are not the 'Miss Congeniality type of girls.  Miss Behaved, yes.  Miss Chief, yes.  Miss Taken, definitely.  Miss Leading.  Miss Conduct.  Miss Cellaneous? That might be stretching it.  { Additional sash ideas welcome. }   I started a prototype last night and I think it will work, although I question whether I have enough time to personalize all those sashes before Saturday. Is this a job for... freezer paper??? 

I am also thankful that this is a party and not a competition, because I have some very talented friends.  I don't think I'll ever win over judges with my intermediate sewing skills. 

Oh, and go Miss Alabama!  (Your childhood babysitter and her silly friends are pulling for you.)



oh my gosh! how fun is that!! such a fun idea!!


I'm bookmarking this post. Because this is a seriously awesome fun idea and I have to convince my friends that it would be so cool. Please come back with lots of photos so I can get them on board.


Oh and freezer paper would look the best for sure, but if you want to do lots of them fast, be an 80's dork and do puffy paint.

Alicia A.

What a FUN idea. I need to see photos. (of you in the dress!) Try hanging the dress in the bathroom while you take a hot shower. It might help.


What a funny idea. Hope we get to see lots of photos.


what a riot!!! please do share photos of the "competition."

Your titles are so clever. I can only come up with the following, which almost seem mean???:
Miss Used?
Miss Trust or Miss Trustful?
Miss Fortunate?
Miss Interpreted?
Miss Demeanor?
Miss Directed?
Miss Matched?


Love this idea!! Have fun with your friends. I love your sash titles, and the others suggested. What fun!


Have you got a Miss Understood yet?
Such fun! I always wanted to do this for Oscar night, but could never get anyone on board. Ah, well. Please, DO post photos in all your lemon loveliness!


That sounds like so much fun! I wanna come!!

Oh, and your sashes totally need to be all glittered up!

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