Sunday Morning
A little bit organized

up and running


The unanticipated side-effect of the meds I'm on for this leftover nagging cough???  Super-mind-blowing bursts of energy. 

(Never mind that I'm having trouble sleeping.  While I was coughing, my husband couldn't sleep... and now I lay awake, listen to him breathe and watch the clock until I can get up and start working/cleaning/making without getting strange looks.)

The photos are of some burp cloths I made for the baby shower/kc crafting roundup last weekend.   The best part about them was the fabric.  DIAPER CLOTH.  You can buy it by the bolt.  At least I did last summer when I was going to do something big with it, bought 15 yards, used my 50% off coupon at Joann's, and got it for a ridiculous price.  That project didn't happen, but now there is all this diaper cloth and it's not really suitable for clothing, but lends itself to burp rags, tea towels and maybe(?) a small blanket of sorts.  Anyway, it's super soft and easy to work with.  I highly recommend it.  (Although the cutting lady didn't realize they carried diaper cloth.  I pretty sure she asked me, 'What is this? Where'd you find it??'  Back by the super-wide muslins you can buy by the bolt.)


I made these with two layers, sewn together, turned, and stitched over the edges.  It pressed pretty well under the iron, so it wasn't nearly as floppy to work with as you might expect.   I did run a few lines of stitching through the middle to keep the layers together.  Hope they wear well!

As for the energy?  I've got a kitchen binder organizing project, an afghan, a pillow made of one of Mr Pink's law school sweatshirts, and some early spring cleaning going on.  (How I love me some vinegar on the windows when that winter sun shines in! ) 

I might be a little sad when I'm out of the prednisone and have to go back to shirking my chores.



dude. the diaper cloth. seriously.

(and don't ever, ever, ever run out of prednisone.)


diaper cloth is genius - and man, could i use some of the good drugs! anti-b's for me! :(


I need some energy! Or maybe just some uninterrupted sleep. I'm starting to forget what that feels like.

Diaper cloth! I would have never thought to look for that. I'll have to next time I'm at Joann's.


A super mind-blowing burst of energy is just what I need. But a pregnant lady begging for it probably won't make a good impression, eh?

LOVE the burp cloths. I was sewing up some drooler bib gifts today and got to thinking that diaper cloth might work well for them. Perfectly absorbent, and I really like the texture of it. was such a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the gift. & Can't wait until next time... :)


Just a lurker coming out. I love the burp cloths! I will be looking next time I'm at Joanns for diaper cloth:) Lovely.


Diaper cloth? I never knew such a thing existed. Too bad we don't have a JoAnn's in the area. Your burp cloths are super cute!

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