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Thrifting Thursday

Popped into one of my favorite little thrift stores yesterday morning.  It's part of a senior community here in town and a treasure trove of embroidery, linens and vintage kitchen stuff. And it happens to be on my way home.

I found a this pretty pink striped flat sheet and two matching pillowcases... soft and nicely aged.


Do I cut it up into curtains for a faux window in the playroom?  Use it on a bed?  Make summer nightgowns or pj pants?  I'm not sure yet.  I love the two soft shades of pink though.

Also stumbled upon this awesome little italian leather bag.


Too good to pass up.


And a stack of aqua melamine saucer-size plates.  35 cents each. IMG_6915

Perfect for little Fidget-sized portions.  They might end up in her playroom with the play kitchen we are planning for her 2nd birthday... Maybe. I kind of love them for myself.




I don't have much use for pink around here, but they are cute sheets!


what great finds!


Wow. Great scores!


holey moley! great stuff!



i LOVE the thrift stores in your town. it's where i got my end tables. seriously, sometimes i stop on the way to the chiropractor's or schedule haircuts on a weekday just so i can thrift there.


ohhhh! I love those plates! I love a good day thrifting!


Great finds! May I ask which thrift store you go to? I'm always on the lookout for great KC thrift stores...

Alicia A.

That bag!?! Oh, my. I'm all in love.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

I have purse envy!

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