Happy January
yet another apron

piling up

I have all these attainable lofty ideas for projects this year, like

Pc....the ripple afghan I have started (oh yes, my dear sweet and talented mother in law taught me the art of deciphering crochet! Turns out you need patience.  Hmph.)

...really truly finishing and decorating the play room.  Right now it looks like all of the scattered toys are being sucked to the floor by super gravity.  Those poor, bare walls. 

...sewing for my girls.  More of it, anyway.  I do pretty well in this category, generally.Sweaters

...making one Christmas gift per month, so that by December I will already have 11 done.  Sounds possible.  Right?

...painting the powder room everyone uses but I have sadly neglected.

...making cardigans for Fidget out of Daddy's discarded sweaters.

...and more.

You know how it goes.

Unfortunately, I get derailed by terribly un-sexy projects like this one:


Fashioning a big fireplace snake to nip the draft that has occurred now that our house is 'settling' and the fireplace insert no longer fits tightly.   (5" high density foam, wrapped with batting + Joann's courduroy.)  You can even see the blue foam insulation still poking out of the fireplace screen.  Nice.

I have a couple other little things I am working on.  Fun things.  Another apron, for my eldest's teacher (a Christmas prezzie that did not happen) and something kinda little and special for a certain get-together this weekend.   I'd better get busy.




you pincushion made me drool on my keyboard.

ah lists. i'm trying to love them. really, i am.


I keep telling myself the same thing regarding Christmas gifts. If I just worked on one thing each month I would be WAY ahead of the game come December. Now, if I can just follow through.


Yeah, I haven't started sewing for Stacy either. Saturday morning, I'm guessing.

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