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Sash-hey! & Thursday Thrifting Haul.

Details, Schmetails...

So I bought some reeeaaallly wide ribbon today.  And paint.  And glitter.  For the sashes, of course.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm so-so on that project.  It seems a little ambitious for me with 3 days left, a lot of long words to hand-letter and not a whole lot of time...

I have to agree with Rachel on this morning sun thing.  I love it.  I tried to capture it the other day in my bedroom:


"Mom, WHY are you taking a picture of your bed?"

"Because the light is so pretty right now."

"On your bed?"

"No, just in here."

"Can I get in it?"

"Not now."

"Why not?"

"GAH - I'm losing my light!"

"Um, ok.  Yeah, you're losing your light."  *snicker snicker*  "You know, your pillowcase is really wrinkled.  I don't even know why you want a photo of that." 

Ack.  She's right.  Eleven-year-olds. 

Nevertheless, I can't help but run around my house and take pictures of the gorgeous light streaming in these days as the sun heads back north and plays tricks with the nooks and crannies of my house.  I don't take fancy pictures, though, like Rachel.  Or those Noticing girls, Alica and Heather.  Wow.  I'm gonna have to get me a fancy camera one of these days.  And a really big book for dummies.

For now I'm going to sit with my ribbons and glitter and get my fancy on.  (When I'm not priming the bathroom.) Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday, about the party.  We are so looking forward to it.  And I totally recommend having one of your own!  XO



Oh I love white linens. Right now we have aqua flannels on the bed...nice and cozy, but just not the same.

(And pshaw thanks nice lady!)


Oooh! Glitter! In morning light! Take a picture of that! (And wrinkles? I will never, ever be taking a picture of the corner of my bed first thing in the morning - or any other time for that matter - because then you would see the massive pile of things that have been accumulating on my nightstand since the beginning of time and at least 3 jars of vicks. Seriously. Who cares about a wrinkle that we can't even see?)

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