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Sash-hey! & Thursday Thrifting Haul.

So the Miss America Party sash project plugs along:

Sashes WIP

It's like high school all over again, with the lettering.  Remember making signs and kind of seizing up when you had to make an 'S'?  You don't?  Well, I did.  I don't have the steadiest hand, as you can tell from the photo.   Actually, judging by that photo, I shouldn't worry so much about those 'S's as much as those straight lines...

But I've got glitter!  And paint!  And REALLY long sashes stretching across my kitchen table, hanging off the ends.  Pretty fun.

serving platter
[ Serving platter, 1.98.]

Wednesday night I had a totally impromptu dinner with two of my best girlfriends.  If we had tried to plan it, it never would have happened.  There are so many kids, babies, husbands, dinners, projects, activities and stuff that we never do this.  But a last minute phone call and 15 minutes later, we were all sitting at Houlihan's, enjoying some yummy food.  Perfect.

Did you know they (like this week!) changed their famous 1.99 mini dessert menu to $2.49?  Doesn't nearly have the ring to it, but is still a great deal, I suppose.  Dinner with girlfriends?  Really should be more of a priority, I think.

vintage crystal lamp
[ crystal lamp base (must get rid of the ruffle and have fun with new shade), $9.98 ]

So Thursday meant stopping into one of my favorite thrift stores for 20 minutes.  And there is no handbag to gush over this time (I KNOW!! I KNOW!! That was awesome and may be my favorite ever.), but I did pick up a few things for the house.

vintage cake stand, 1.98
[ cake stand, 1.98 ]

My dear friend, K, will laugh at this last one because I have been looking for a vintage cake stand forever, and she was sweet enough to buy me a new one for Christmas. So of course, five weeks later, I walk right into my Goodwill and find this one!  Ha.  I'm thinking two are better than one, though... I can't wait to stack them with valentine goodies!  :) 

Happy Friday, bloggy friends! What are you up to this weekend?




Have fun! And with the weather warming up you might not need a turtleneck under that lemon chiffon number. But long gloves would probably still be good. :)

And oh, yes, the high school lettering. Thanks for bringing a repressed memory to the surface. :)


You found some nice things! I really need to branch out from my sheet obsession.


man alive, you're a thrifting goddess.


how awesome that you got to spend dinner with the gals! insanely jealous over here.

Lil' d

My local thrift shop just shut down. Sob.

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