Sash-hey! & Thursday Thrifting Haul.
I can't believe I'm going to share this

Miss Cellaneous

The Miss America Party was so fun. We were dressed to the nines (or the 1969's, if you were me). We drank silly little cocktails out of champagne flutes and ate a gorgeous tiffany-blue double layer cake topped with a tiara.   And steamed salmon with soy glaze and a spinach salad... MMMmmm.  Recipes soon, I promise.  They're worth sharing.


There are a lot of pictures to sort through -- and some I still need to get from friends -- so it will be a day or so before I can share with you our real fabulosity in all its glory. As far as the pageant went, it was a little disappointing, as they mixed it up this year and fashioned it after a reality game show... and pretty much took out the glamour and replaced it with everything but a 'phone your friend' option.  Blech.

Miss Alabama did not make the top 15, so we didn't get to see her gown or hear her beautiful singing voice or watch her strut in a bathing suit a la gentleman's club dancers. (If you saw it, you know what I mean. All they were missing was a pole in the middle of the stage. Give me a break!)  Our party host (and former Miss Southern Union) thought Miss 'Bama's mom was probably the slightest bit thankful that her daughter didn't have to tramp around like that.

WE had a great time, though. A bunch of moms dressed up in gowns, complete with boas and sashes and hair and makeup that would make the drag queens of Hollywood Boulevard proud.   As my father is found of saying, We were somethin'.  Photos soon... I promise.

:::::: SCREECH!  That's the sound of me completely derailing this post and losing any focus it might have had. But this has to be done. :::::

Before the party, I ran some errands, which included dropping into the hardware store right next to Goodwill... so I had to run in. And THIS is what I found:


Holy cow, have I had good thrifting luck lately! This actually came with two smaller, matching oval mirrors. The set was 4.98. It looks like knobbed milk glass, but it's a heavy plastic.  And they are going in the new playroom... details on that later!

Poor Fidget is sick today, too... so I'm off to care for her.  The doctor's office has probably paid their gas bill with our co-pays from the last two months.  Sheesh. 

Anyway, have a happy Monday, my bloggy friends!  And if you live in the KC area, try not to get blown away!  XO



Glad it was fun - can't wait to see the photos!
I was at the KU women's bb game with 8 little girl scouts when you were watching Miss America. I should have turned on the TV when I got home. Just short a stripper pole? ::sigh:: What has this country come to?


Yeah, uh, what was with that swimsuit portion? And the music? Chee-sy!


i cant' wait to see pics!

and the mirror . . . so jealous!! it's adorable and would look so cute in my little one's room!!!


Now I am going to have to try and you tube the show! Can't wait for pictures!


Ok, Strangely, I have that same plastic frame, from a thrift store, but mine came sans mirror and painted a pretty dark blue. I'll have to photograph it, I keep it hung empty in the bedroom. We're frame twins now! Kinda?


i was just about to say, MILK GLASS MIRRORS?! i don't care if they are plastic -- they are amazing!

(dang, i need to thrift in your town more often!)


Okay, your party sounds like it was a blast! What a clever & fun idea. :) I'll have to tuck that away in my memory files for the future. You girls looked fabulous! LOL

I'm with you on the swimsuit competition--for years now they've been saying, "but it's to show your FITNESS!" and I've had a really hard time believing that, but then to go as far as having them walk out like strippers? Oh my gosh, who are they trying to kid? I'm still bitter that Miss Utah got eliminated after that portion--she could have outrun and outperformed anyone on that stage when it came to "fitness", but since she wore a 1-piece and didn't walk like a burlesque dancer, she got eliminated. I'm still mad days later. LOL


What a fun party idea! I am sure it was hilarious!

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