Thrifting Thursday
Lemon Tart

It's not all about the pretty.


I have some totally unsexy things to take care of before I log on today. 

  1. Laundry
  2. Change sheets
  3. Mop bathroom floor
  4. Work that pays the bills

Totally unexciting chores and I am quite ready to get them done.  I look forward to Mondays so I can attack these and get on with my week.  And new projects.

Like this, for instance:


This is reality, folks. It's my powder room.  We've lived here for 4 years and it's the smallest room in the house.  And I have yet to paint it.  For a number of reasons.

  1. The walls have roller lint stuck into the paint all over them.  Previous Owners did not like to use decent rollers.  So we need to sand.
  2. The walls are really really dark.  So we need goooood primer.
  3. The walls have, like, 40 nail holes in them and need serious patchwork.  So we need to sand.  Again.
  4. The trim (including the crown molding, see below) is all a dark stain, that also needs to be primed and painted.  Doesn't match any other room in our house.  Or its own doorjam. I guess this was the fancy room.  Whatever!
  5. The light switches and other 'bathroom jewlery', like faucets, light, towel bar and flusher handle(!), are all brass.  Just not my thing.


So for a little room, there is a lot to do.  The good points?  Nice pedistal sink.  Nice tile floor.  And, um -- no, that's about it.

Stay tuned.  Things are gonna get all kinds of messy up in there.

Happy Monday. 


Aunt Fashionista

Just think how good it will look when done! You always do such a good job!! Love ya!

sandra Evertson

Great post, reminded me to take care of some things!
Sandra Evertson


Yeah, the sanding and the priming and the sanding again just kept me from even starting to paint my bathroom this weekend. Ah, well. There's always next weekend.


wow! Your bathroom is a real hole, tee hee. That is a lot of patching for a small room. Your previous owners were like ours: hammer a nail in, see if the picture looks good, remove picture, hammer another nail, hang picture, remove picture.... Too bad you didn't show your floor but the sink does look nice! Floors and sinks are pricey, at least the rest is just grunt work.

Jennifer Rosson

Sounds fun :)
can't wait to see the finished product

stacy did you really get all that stuff done? I haven't gotten sh^t accomplished today. (aside from rewarding kenzie with some free gym play...and mommy a trip to target).

funny story - every house we've owned (4 in the past 8 years) has been jeweled in brass. I've replaced it all, each time. I always pack it in a box with the intent of selling it at a garage sale some day. And, then the movers pack it up and move it on to my next home. I have four houses worth of brass fixtures in a heap in my basement!


Your Monday sound just about like my Mondays!

Your small room will look great when you are done. Lightening up the walls will make it look bigger, too!

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