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I can't believe I'm going to share this


Here is the link to the flickr set.  If my kids see these photos they'll need therapy for sure.


I'm only keeping that guest pass open for a couple days, so peek while you can.  If you are so inclined.  If you are into saying, My eyes!  My eyes!  Yes.  It's that bad.  I feathered my hair. Ha.

And thanks for all the suggestions on the dress wrinkles.  I ended up breaking down and steam ironing it REALLY QUICKLY, and it turned out ok.  (Except for that little crunchy part on the bottom ruffle in the back.)  I was definitely a vision. 

Fidget's still sick, so I best make use of her nap and get some work done that pays the bills.  XO

miss chris 





ha ha! off to flickr!


that looks like sooooo much fun! wow! thanks for the laugh my dear! do i see a theme for the next crafty get together?


oh how much fun!!

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