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Well, it wasn't, to start.  This is pretty much what my recipe bin/folder/cookbook stack in my desk cubby looked like before yesterday morning's burst of energy.


See that manila folder under everything?  That housed it all.  And boy was it ever handy hard to sort through.  Actually, it wasn't that bad. Things that I tend to make more than others had floated to the top, and other things (like a group of dishes I make for a holiday) ended up stacked together.  Maybe that was a good thing.

So.  I finally remembered to buy a 3-hole punch worth it's salt on one of my daily weekly trips to Target. And now...


Wow.  I don't have my dividers going yet -- and honestly, I can't decide how I want to break them up.  By meals?  Occasions?  Food groups???  I need to think on that some more.  Obviously, putting all my food prep stuff into a 3 ring binder isn't an earth shattering, original idea.   But it's something that I have PUT OFF for how long?  And it took what, 15 minutes???

It's funny how I prioritize.  Because my Home Ideas binder has been put to steady use since we bought this place 4 years ago.

See?  I have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (inspiration, ideas, receipts, whatever) in this binder, organized by room.


(Like the tattered kitchen towel on the right?  Who's in charge of this photo shoot???)Paint

Original paint chips and other random things are in sleeves.

And other stuff gets thrown in there, too:


Which really works.  I even used that mounted butterfly pin idea on the left for my Grammy's brooches

We throw all sorts of stuff in it -- fabric swatches, room and furniture dimensions, etc  -- and take it shopping.  Or I flip through it on occasion, when my scattered brain cannot focus on what part of my home needs attention next -- or where to go with it.  It's getting time, though, to go through my stack of beloved magazines for a good rip-and-toss.

How do you keep it -- whatever It is -- together?   



oh girl..it's almost scary how similarly we do things!


dude. you should see my green cabinet. i have to stacks, over a foot tall, just of recipes. i WANT to organize it all but i'm very daunted by the whole thing.

i do have a 3 ring binder with some of those cover sheets partially filled with recipes. i love it because i can just pull a recipe out and it's easily cleanable if i get splatters on it.

but gah. i feel like i'm drowning in bits of paper.


I have a journal type notebook that I have recipes cut and pasted into. I started it sort of as a scrapbook of recipes from friends when I lived in India. Now I have recipes printed off the internet and ripped from magazines kinda shoved in there in a jumble. Every six months or so I go through them, cut and past the winners, toss the losers or ones I didn't even manage to cook. It's not a great system because I'm the only one that can find anything (why would chicken enchiladas be one the same page as cowboy cookies? because it fit!) but I like it.


I have a 3-ring-notebook system. I actually have 2 notebooks, one for sweets/baked goods and one for more savory food. The savory one has the following categories: fruit/drinks, soups, salads, vegetables, sides, potatoes, pasta, misc. main dishes, chicken, pork, beef, ethnic, and seafood. The other notebook has: cookies, bar cookies/brownies, cakes, frozen desserts, pies, other misc. desserts, breakfast foods, breads, quick breads, biscuits.

The way I organize: If I see a recipe I want to try, I print it or clip it and punch it with the 3-hole punch and put it in the front of the appropriate tabbed section. If I try the recipe and it's a keeper, I put it in a sheet protector in the back of that section (I put them back-to-back in the sheet protectors to save room). If it's not a keeper, it gets tossed.

I LOVE my system! I plan my menu & grocery list each week and I try hard to include a variety of flavors. So maybe I'll do one soup, a chicken dish, a seafood dish, a casserole, etc. It's so easy to just look in each section of my book and decide if I want to try something new or make one of the repeaters. I love that the recipes are in plastic so that I can wipe them off. I love that recipes are now on full sheets--no more cramped handwriting on recipe cards, plus if it's from the internet I can often download a photo as well so I can see what my food is supposed to look like.

Works for me! :)

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