Thrifty Thursday Therapy

I snuck out today for some much needed thrifting therapy.  Plus I was looking for some more sheets for pj bottoms... and look what I happened upon:

A Snuggly wuggly blanket that I have already laundered and is ready for late night movie watching.  It's pink and it's plaid and it has the widest silky satin binding... does it get any better than that???  I ask you, does it??


And chocolate brown eyelet trimmed sheets (curtains, actually) that are going to make the coolest hems on some pajama pants.


And this little syrup dispenser.  It was pricey at $5.50, but it's so fun I couldn't pass it up. 

vintage syrup dispenser

It'll be like pouring sunshine on my pancakes.

And a quick shot of a WIP:
Part 1 of a belated birthday present for one sweet and sassy girlfriend of mine.  Don't worry, the black tulle is soooo her.  She's feisty. 


Stay warm!


crafty carolinagirl

You found some great stuff. I especially like the syrup container. Very retro!

Alicia A.

Score! I LOVE the syrup pitcher. So cool!

Leigh Ann

Total score! Found you through Alicia. Knew I'd like you because of the title of the post. I'm a thrifty KC gal, too.

Cheers! LA

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