hello again, she said in a little voice

*sniff* hack.hack.


I guess I'm supposed to take a blogging break this week.  On top of everything else, Mr Pink and I are battling some nasty cold.  Because he is awesome and I am a wimp, I stayed in bed for about 6 hours yesterday.  Today we are taking 2-hour shifts with Fidget, because he is feeling a little worse for the wear.


At this point it's comical.  I'm pretty sure none of my Christmas gifts will be done on time.  The sugar cookies?  Bah -- we'll be lucky if I can get to those next week. I'm trying to stay optimistic about it, but it's hard when you're blowing your brain into kleenex.

Got to run.  I haven't heard from Fidge in a minute.  You know what that means.  T R O U B L E. 

Stay warm, safe and healthy out there. 



get well! so sorry you're sick - definitely put off the cookies. i had someone bring us a homemade treat and apologizing that the whole family was sick, etc. and she wasn't looking too good herself.
we did not eat the treat. :)


i am feeling the pain over here in topeka! yuck! hope you guys are feeling better!

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