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Decs1After a couple weeks of feeling like I, things are starting to look up.

Decs are making there way into the house...

See those pillows on the chair?  The one in back is from that wool I bought back in November and I loooove how soft it is.  The floral is from the new Loft 1800 moda line, which I also adore.  Both are heave feather/down pillow forms -- they only kind I like, because they are heavy enough to stay where you put them and they're so mushy soft.

Yes, the dog has her own stocking.  And I am embarrassed to say we have stockings that are not handmade -- just those LandsEnd needlepoint ones that you can have embroidered.  But I love them anyway.  Not as much as I love this one, though.

I also picked up my paintbrushes and tried so very hard to do Alicia's Saint Lucia Kit justice.


I loved how they turned out.  I didn't have the right scissors so I made use of my scallop stitch on my machine.  Which takes a while (all that snipping around the edges...yikes!), but it was the perfect thing to do while watching the game.  (A totally okay loss in my book.  OU is a great team and they beat us fair and square.  Am thrilled we got this far!  Go MIZZOU!)

Yesterday I took a little trip over to Joann's and picked up some pom-poms (or is it pom-pons??? That way never looks right to me and it looks like 'tampons'.) because I was totally inspired by this gal.* Seriously.  I think everyone should do this.

Pom pom garland

It was really nice to sit, watch tv and randomly string these along.  Easy-peasy.  And so darned cute.  I'm thinking I might put this in the girls' bathroom with a little pink tree.  :)

Stove_2My stove is decked, too. >>>  I love the simplicity of ornaments in a bowl/basket/whatever.  It's instant cheer and takes so little effort!   My stove is such a boring old gal, so I think she likes a little sparkle at the holidays.

I did buy fabric yesterday, too.  Going to make those pj pants after all.  Soooo right now it appears I am off my rear and in motion.  What a relief. 

Happy Monday. 


*via Kirsten ;)

Also have just re-read this and decided it was a major 'love-fest' this afternoon.  Ha.



I love the spirited photos today!
P.S. my stockings are from a store too. But, I feel guilt about that every year we use them.... (but, only because I don't LOVE them!)


funny, we don't have handmade stockings either. I wonder what's up with that?

I call them pom-poms too. That Pom-pon thing is weird.


we are thinking along the same lines. that's all i'll say. :)


oh you are killing me. i adored your blog...till today. a MIZZOU fan?! argh! just kidding. your crafty nature redeems you. rock chalk jayhawk baby!


I've got to get moving. I've done absolutely nothing.
Oh yeah, we have needlepoint stockings too, though I'm pretty sure I ordered mine from J C Penney.

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