hello again, she said in a little voice
Merry Christmas!

Poor baby.

Well, we were in the ER again last night for pneumonia.  Poor little Fidget.  She's having a rough go at this holiday season.

It was a tough night, but today I am thankful that she got the meds she needed and seems to be sleeping right now.

I am also thankful for my husband.  He's my hero.  He took Fidge to the ER and texted me the whole time they were there with updates and diagnoses.  (I had to stay home with our other daughter -- who slept through the whole thing!)  He's also staying home with us today so I can take care of some work stuff.

I am very relieved that we finally have a break in the weather, and they didn't have to go out in some of the ice we had a week ago.

I am very grateful for online shopping.  It has saved my derriere this year.  The UPS guy is not such a big fan of my house though, as the front of it faces north and the ice on my sidewalk has yet to thaw.



So sorry about your daughter. Hopefully she's on the mend soon. Your husband deserves some major brownie points for taking her to the ER!

I did some online shopping this year, too. Even some last minute stuff I ordered last night is on it's way. Hooray for the internet!


Hope the wee one gets better super fast. Also sorry to hear that we have the same complaints from those daring our front yards!

Alicia A.

Oh,no. I hope she feels better right away!

Joanne Heim

Oh no! So glad she's feeling better and hubby was able to stay home and help you out.

And I'm with you on the house facing north. Something I forgot about when we moved back to Denver. I love my UPS man, and have tried to keep it relatively clear--sort of--for him. I want him to visit me a lot. I love getting packages!

Love, Joanne


My goodness, poor thing! I hope she gets well real soon. You take care ;-)

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