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December 2007

p.s. Reindeer Cupcakes

I have to do a little bragging on my dear friend, Katie.  She doesn't blog, but she is a super momma and made a gazillion of these little reindeer cupcakes for her daughter emma's class.

I ask you, how *cute* are they?


I personally love a sweet and salty crunch... so these look scrumptious!   

Merry Christmas!

Sick Thanks for all the sweet comments... Little Fidget is doing so much better.   Antibiotics + Serious Breathing Treatments + lots of TLC = More Sleep and Less Coughing, which roughly translates into:  YAY!  We're all getting some sleep and our little one is starting to act like her quirky pint-sized self again! 

Evidently, she is pretty asthmatic (which comes as no surprise, since both Mommy and Big Sister suffer as well), and that is what was triggering the repeated pneumonia.  The Singulair we had her on was not preventing it, so we also had to change her daily medication and increase the number of daily albuterol treatments while she's sick.   So there you have it.  More than you wanted to know, no doubt!


Last weekend we made Christmas Cupcakes. Just enough for the 4 of us, since we knew no one else would want to eat anything baked in our germy house.  Yellow cake and colored cream cheese frosting with sugar... Mmmmm.  Tasty.


And Big Sister finished her pink sparkly tree project:


I love how she matched the sequins with the pin color.  We had so much fun stringing the beads for the garland.  It looks so sweet in her bathroom.  I don't recommend trying to put glitter on styrofoam. Maybe paper would have worked better?  I sure do like this version.  But we have officially jumped on the Martha Stewart Glitter Love Train and we're hooked.  And it wasn't as messy as I thought it would be.  Especially since we lined a lipped cookie sheet with foil before we started.  It made cleanup a cinch!


I've got a couple Christmas gifts completed, but I'll have to wait until after the holidays to post them so as not to spoil the surprise.  I'm also just itching to try to bake some cakes in jars, so we'll see if we can make that happen, too.  (I'm thinking the germ factor would be minimal there.  And the cute factor is through the roof.)

Merry Christmas to you all... Here's to warm and happy memories with family and friends!


Poor baby.

Well, we were in the ER again last night for pneumonia.  Poor little Fidget.  She's having a rough go at this holiday season.

It was a tough night, but today I am thankful that she got the meds she needed and seems to be sleeping right now.

I am also thankful for my husband.  He's my hero.  He took Fidge to the ER and texted me the whole time they were there with updates and diagnoses.  (I had to stay home with our other daughter -- who slept through the whole thing!)  He's also staying home with us today so I can take care of some work stuff.

I am very relieved that we finally have a break in the weather, and they didn't have to go out in some of the ice we had a week ago.

I am very grateful for online shopping.  It has saved my derriere this year.  The UPS guy is not such a big fan of my house though, as the front of it faces north and the ice on my sidewalk has yet to thaw.

hello again, she said in a little voice

Thank you for your kind words of sympathy.  The ice is melting, slowly.  And I'm feeling the slightest bit better.  Things are becoming less cloudy.  I can smell things again... although nothing smells right.  My head isn't sloshing around as much while I move from room to room.  And I haven't had to use a tissue in an hour.

So that's progress.

Just in time, too, because there is still oh-so-much-to-do, what with twelve - TWELVE!!! - days until Christmas. 

Oh dear.  We'll see what kind of magic I can make yet.  ;)

*sniff* hack.hack.


I guess I'm supposed to take a blogging break this week.  On top of everything else, Mr Pink and I are battling some nasty cold.  Because he is awesome and I am a wimp, I stayed in bed for about 6 hours yesterday.  Today we are taking 2-hour shifts with Fidget, because he is feeling a little worse for the wear.


At this point it's comical.  I'm pretty sure none of my Christmas gifts will be done on time.  The sugar cookies?  Bah -- we'll be lucky if I can get to those next week. I'm trying to stay optimistic about it, but it's hard when you're blowing your brain into kleenex.

Got to run.  I haven't heard from Fidge in a minute.  You know what that means.  T R O U B L E. 

Stay warm, safe and healthy out there. 

Thrifty Thursday Therapy

I snuck out today for some much needed thrifting therapy.  Plus I was looking for some more sheets for pj bottoms... and look what I happened upon:

A Snuggly wuggly blanket that I have already laundered and is ready for late night movie watching.  It's pink and it's plaid and it has the widest silky satin binding... does it get any better than that???  I ask you, does it??


And chocolate brown eyelet trimmed sheets (curtains, actually) that are going to make the coolest hems on some pajama pants.


And this little syrup dispenser.  It was pricey at $5.50, but it's so fun I couldn't pass it up. 

vintage syrup dispenser

It'll be like pouring sunshine on my pancakes.

And a quick shot of a WIP:
Part 1 of a belated birthday present for one sweet and sassy girlfriend of mine.  Don't worry, the black tulle is soooo her.  She's feisty. 


Stay warm!


I know God has a sense of humor.  Because right smack-dab in the middle of holiday preparations and shopping and winter hats and coats and sleepovers and choir performances and holiday parties and after little Fidget recovered from pneumonia, my oldest daughter got a special present.  Head lice.

Jimeny.  The last time she got it was in Kindergarten.  It was a full month of special oil treatments and hours spent combing and picking threw her hair.  We were lucky to be rid of them in 21 days and never saw them again.  Until now, 6 years later.  We're 7 days into battle.  Some days I don't have much to post here, because I am mostly obsessed with the strategy associated with laundry, bedsheets and vacuuming. 

I'm not going to go into all the specifics.  It can happen to anyone at anytime and, really, preventing it this time of year is tricky.  Her long, long thick wavy hair is pulled up and tight and it's driving her crazy.  'I like it doooowwwnn, mom...'  But I will not cave.   This silly and ill-timed infestation is not going to beat me!  ...Don't they know it's Christmastime?

So I'm cleaning and organizing and boiling hair combs and bands and pins every day.  Tumbling coats on high for 20 mins.  We're faithfully doing comb-outs and exams for hours at night every couple days.  It's a pain, but it's not awful.  Thankfully, no one else in the house got it either. 

I do think this little episode has helped me lower the expectations I have placed on myself this season (the sewing, cooking, baking, decorations) and decide to do what is really necessary.  To celebrate the season, not the stuff.  To stop running around like a mad woman and sit for a while with my husband during the evening after the kids are in bed.  To accept that I can't always get IT all done.  (And what I *do* get done?  Well, that's gravy, baby, because I did that when I was battling lice!  Yay me!) 

Consequently, I am enjoying this December more than I have in years past.   Who would have figured?


Decs1After a couple weeks of feeling like I, things are starting to look up.

Decs are making there way into the house...

See those pillows on the chair?  The one in back is from that wool I bought back in November and I loooove how soft it is.  The floral is from the new Loft 1800 moda line, which I also adore.  Both are heave feather/down pillow forms -- they only kind I like, because they are heavy enough to stay where you put them and they're so mushy soft.

Yes, the dog has her own stocking.  And I am embarrassed to say we have stockings that are not handmade -- just those LandsEnd needlepoint ones that you can have embroidered.  But I love them anyway.  Not as much as I love this one, though.

I also picked up my paintbrushes and tried so very hard to do Alicia's Saint Lucia Kit justice.


I loved how they turned out.  I didn't have the right scissors so I made use of my scallop stitch on my machine.  Which takes a while (all that snipping around the edges...yikes!), but it was the perfect thing to do while watching the game.  (A totally okay loss in my book.  OU is a great team and they beat us fair and square.  Am thrilled we got this far!  Go MIZZOU!)

Yesterday I took a little trip over to Joann's and picked up some pom-poms (or is it pom-pons??? That way never looks right to me and it looks like 'tampons'.) because I was totally inspired by this gal.* Seriously.  I think everyone should do this.

Pom pom garland

It was really nice to sit, watch tv and randomly string these along.  Easy-peasy.  And so darned cute.  I'm thinking I might put this in the girls' bathroom with a little pink tree.  :)

Stove_2My stove is decked, too. >>>  I love the simplicity of ornaments in a bowl/basket/whatever.  It's instant cheer and takes so little effort!   My stove is such a boring old gal, so I think she likes a little sparkle at the holidays.

I did buy fabric yesterday, too.  Going to make those pj pants after all.  Soooo right now it appears I am off my rear and in motion.  What a relief. 

Happy Monday. 


*via Kirsten ;)

Also have just re-read this and decided it was a major 'love-fest' this afternoon.  Ha.