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Sad Day.

Mommas, please hug your babies extra tight today.  And remember what truly special gifts they are. 

A friend through a good friend of mine lost her triplets at 22 weeks, just this Tuesday Wednesday.  Three baby girls.  Today is the memorial service in Atlanta, GA.  K (who has one little miracle baby that her sister carried for her as a surrogate just a year ago) was blessed to have one last chance at in-vitro this year and three of the embyos took.  Two of them, identical twins.  On Tuesday, the twins descended into her birth canal, and there was no saving any of them... At 24 weeks, doctors say they would have had a chance.

I just don't have words for this kind of sorrow.  Fortunately, K and her family have a strong foundation in God and their church, and I pray that they will find the strength to endure this heartbreak.

Please, if you have an extra minute today, send up a little prayer.  For K, for her husband, and those babies that would have had such wonderful lives with this sweet family.  And also, say a prayer for their little girl, who lost three little sisters this week before she ever got to meet them. 




:o( As an expectant momma, my heart is breaking for your friend and her family. Having precious children is such a blessing. Thank you for the reminder.

Jennifer Rosson

Sorry to here this. It is such a terrible thing to experience.
Hope they feel all the prayers they are receiving.


Chris, I had no idea you posted this... It brings tears to my eyes that I have such an amazing friend that I have NEVER MET IN PERSON! You are truly wonderful. Thank you!

Friend of K

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