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I am not afraid of my machine.

Dress_2Thank you for the stitched finger sympathy.  I really am doing much better.  Proved it to myself last night by sitting down to finish Fidget's little dress.  With 4 buttonholes no less!  Egads.  Is there anything more nerve-wrecking than having a project 99% done and having to sew freaking buttonholes right on to the front of it???  Let's just say there was a nice pile of scrap fabric with various buttonholes stitched into it, twenty intense minutes of concentration, and a very silly 'Guess what honey!  I did it!' dance (complete with dress twirling) in the kitchen immediately thereafter.

I made some covered buttons for the front and that was a lot of fun.  More fun than buttonholes.  I think we'll be wearing our new duds on Thursday for dinner...

I wish I had a cute pattern for an underdress with pouf sleeves and a longer skirt that could show beneath the hem.  There is still plenty of that Amy Butler Lotus fabric to use on it... Hmm.  May have to search that one out.  Maybe add some length to a pouf-sleeved top?  We'll see.


Children's clothes look so much better on children, don't you think?  More fun.   Oh well.  I'm sure there will be plenty photo ops on Thursday. 




OMG Chris I love the dress! Is it lined all the way through or just at the collar? Maybe I'm so much of a sloppy sewer, I really need to make the inside look nicer. Tips? I have a button hole function on my machine that I've never used because it didn't come with the instructions. ack! Gotta get on that.

p.s. I'm very disappointed that there's no photo of the brown gloves! Your other vintage finds are awesome!


I love covered buttons. The dress turned out beautiful!


Thanks! It's only lined with facing a few inches in all around. That's what the pattern called for. And I had trouble getting a good picture of the gloves, but I think I got one. (added it below.) XO C


that is adorable!
i'm jealous that you know how to make a button hole. i tried, i failed, i'm afraid to go there again.

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