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Vintage Vogue, the shop

Vv_2 You know that feeling when you walk into a store and you want to jump up and down like a little girl because you want to see *everything* and you know it was established just for *you*?  That was me on Saturday morning when my oldest daughter and I stumbled into Vintage Vogue


Gloves_2This is THE place to go for vintage clothing.  Everything is organized by era and size.  Kathy's got an  accessories room filled with shoes and purses and aprons and belts... whole racks of gorgeous vintage coats.... amazing.  Goodness, we had fun.  I picked up this olive quilted coat, a plaid wool skirt and a pair of gorgeous long chocolate brown gloves.I can see lots more Saturday jaunts over there. 


It was like playing in my grandma's closet all over again.


Jennifer Rosson

Oh goodness. We are coming in for a very quick Turkey Day, if I have a spare moment....
I might try and run over there, looks fun.
That is if I finish my Plaza shopping in time.


Okay, I think I've seen where you live before, but I can't remember and I'm hoping it's close because I MUST visit this shop with you!!!

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