Little Booklets

Hello there, old friends!

Back-story: Like most military families, we moved around a lot while I was growing up. Different houses, different streets, schools, friends, seasons, neighborhoods, you name it. I went to two colleges and grad school, each in a different city.  Then I moved to California and got married and continued to move, twice more.  Divorced and moved 4 more times in the course of 5 years.  Came back *home* to the Midwest (I use the term lightly -- having lived everywhere from Maine to SoCal and everywhere in between) and rented a place before marrying again and buying this house...

All of this is to say, I have celebrated Christmas in a heck of a lot of places in a variety of circumstances ... and through it all, I have had my little wooden Christmas ornaments.


Every year my Grammy sent my sister and me one new ornament each (along with a new nightgown that we promptly wore that for Christmas morning photos and never wore again.  Always of that awful synthetic 'hangnail fabric', as we called it. Tell me you know what I mean.)  My mom did a wonderful thing by labeling the ornaments with our initial and year and we were able to keep track of them.  When I went off to California and got married, mom carefully wrapped up each of my ornaments and sent them to me.  For my own tree.

I love them.  I can remember as a kid being a little afraid of the lumberjack.

IMG_6077 IMG_6081

And wishing I could take the baby out of the bassinet.

IMG_6075 IMG_6070

Pulling the darling parasol out of her other knobby 'hand'.  And wishing I had a rocking horse like this.

IMG_6069 IMG_6063

Needing to ice skate 'right now!' and leave trails. Wanting a scarf like that.

christmas ornament

Thinking she is *so* pretty.

Every time I open these ornaments, it all comes rushing back.  I have been tempted over the years to do a 'fancy tree' like my sister.  Or a themed tree.  Or just get new ornaments because mine are a hodge-podge of styles and themes and colors. 

But they've always been there!  When I was pregnant with my first baby.  When I decked the halls of the first house I owned.  And those Christmases as a single mom when things were so very lean and we made popcorn garland and I propped my tree up on cans of green beans because it was so short.   When I finally got to move back *home* to the Midwest and celebrate in person with my family...

They are just little wooden ornaments my Grammy started giving me 35 years ago.  And they are starting to look a little weathered around the edges.  (Hey, who isn't???)   But I love each one and was so happy to see them again this year.

[*edited to add: You'd think with a Pr/Advertising degree I'd be able to edit a blog post.  Yikes.]



I love that horse!! :) I, too, have strong feelings for our Christmas collection. It's really the only thing that has stayed constant throughout my own moves at the interval of a new state every two years...


Those are the ornaments that end up bringing back the most memories. Years ago, my husband and I started doing a "fancy" tree. I missed the little wooden ornaments. So now my daughter does her own little tree with all of my little childhood ornaments...and it's my favorite of the two trees!


I didn't mention on the Beans but I just loved this post. I totally feel the same way about Christmas and old decorations. I think new and old blend well! I have some little wooden ornaments similar to yours. They are so fun!

Also, my mom made me a stocking when I was born. Lots of pretty handiwork. I can see why you'd like Jay's, it's so special when family makes something you can use a long time.


Oh, those are such treasures! Like you, my grandma gave me an ornament every year since I was a baby. Those ornaments still go on my tree and my grandma has started giving ornaments to my children. Our tree is a hodge podge of ornaments, but I love it!


So wonderful! Exactly the perfect things to help you celebrate the story of your Christmas!


crafty carolinagirl

What a lovely post. I have a set of Avon ornaments I have had since I was a kid. When I put my tree up over Thanksgiving I opened up the ornament box and immediately smelled them. It is amazing they still smell after 30 years. It just isn't Christmas until I put up the Avon ornaments :)

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