Fall color around here...
Sad Day.

cuddly stuff


This morning was one of those where things just went right.  I could swear Fidget was glowing with perfection, her halo, slightly askew.  She was so sweet at all three of our errand stops (a new record!) and ate her entire lunch at the deli without throwing any on the floor.  We were in such good spirits that we picked up some fresh hot sandwiches for her teachers to-go, too. 

On my way home from dropping her off and surprising her teachers (ha! They loved it!) I stopped by my favorite quilting shop and picked up some lovely hand-dyed wools for fall pillows... soo plushy soft and wintery. 


I think I will have to make a stop by a Goodwill and check out their sweaters for pillow covers, too.  I would love to throw in a pillow or two with a cable knit.  I was totally inspired by the last BHG issue, but I couldn't find the projects online, so you'll just have to believe me when I say I HAVE to have wool and plaid and pinecones and everything fall in my house right NOW!  :)

BTW, Michael's fall stuff is 70% off. It's crazy how many little fall decor items I was able to pick up for practically nothing today.  Happy Wednesday! 


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