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WIP: Sewing Room and Brooches


The Sewing/Piano room is coming along!  Spurred on by the recent delivery of a a new chair that was ordered back in July, cancelled by mistake, and reordered - ACK!, I got everything out of place to put things back in their new places yesterday.  My word, it is actually starting to look like something in there.

See, a few months ago, I worked up a little board with some images I *right-clicked* online and came up with this direction for the room:


ChairAs with any project, there are a few challenges.  Like, it's directly across from the dining room and off the foyer. READ: Everyone sees it, so we'll need storage.  Everyone sees it, so it has to flow with the  rest of the house.  Everyone sees it, so it has to at least KIND of match the adjoining spaces (like the chocolate brown dining room), even if I want it to be girly with lots of color.  See where this is going? 

Smoky blue satin curtains?  Check. (Target!)  Fabric hutch (craigslist) re-stained to Bombay Cherry?  Check.  Camel lady-sized chair with exposed wood legs?  Check. Moda Uptown Fabric in Pink?  Check.  Antiqued Queen Anne table (flea market)? Check.  Unfortunately, I did the chairs a light blue and they really need to be darker.  But the rest is slowly getting there.  And, I can't wait to put these up:


Brooches2_4They are my grandmother's brooches and I have had them hiding in a box for the last year.  Grammy loved to accessorize, and this is only a sample of her vast collection of costume jewelry.  She was a fantastic embroider-er-er(??), and I love that these pins will be on display in my crafting headquarters.

Oh, and I've decided that shades of creamy off-white are seriously the hardest to photograph.  Ugh.  I'm going to put a Rebel on my xmas list.  (and keep dreaming...)




Good luck! I don't know if I could handle having my sewing room so out in the open. I'm too messy. ;o)

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