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Happy Halloween!

WIP - Baby Quilt for Katherine


I am so excited with how this one is turning out... the embroidery transfers are from Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching Book, and the lettering is just a hand-traced version of Lucinda handwriting.  There is a hodge-podge of fabrics in there, too.  Some designer, some off-the-shelf big store stuff.


The quilt pattern I am using is from Joelle Hoverson's book, Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted GiftsIt's a picnic quilt or something... can't remember just this second and I'm too lazy to run upstairs to see for sure. 


Anyway, I'm doing it at 50% scale and I ended up piecing way more strips of fabric than needed.  You could probably do this with fat quarters and a couple yards of some basic cotton.  It's supposed to be a tied-quilt, but I think I am going to hand-quilt it, and maybe do something special on the long stretches of white....

For a few more pictures, you can see the ones I've posted at flickr.



wow, that's pretty amazing!

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